Led Zeppelin Song / Bad Joke Punchline...

Another thread about remembering only punchlines of jokes reminded me about this. I figured CS was best as it is entertainment related, mods pleas emove if I have err’d.

OK, I remember hearing years a go that the title of the Led Zeppelin song “D’yer M’ker” was supposed to be the punchline of an incredibly lame joke.

The best I’ve been able to piece together, is that “D’yer M’ker” is supposed to be pronounced “D-jer Maker”, which is supposed to be “Did you make her?” with a bit of a caribbean accent (Which is also supposed ot sound like “Jamacia” with a bit of an “R” sound at the end - I presume a misunderstanding of some sort is the basis of the joke).

From, that I’ve heard the extended punchline something like this: “D’yer M’ker?”, “No, she wanted to”.

Does anybody know what this joke is supposed to be?

You pretty much have it already. There are different versions, cleaner or dirtier depending on whether the pun is on “make” as “to force” or as “to have sex with.” Here’s the version I know:

Bloke 1: I took my girlfriend to the Caribbean!
Interlocutor: Jamaica?
Bloke 1: No, she went of her own accord!
(Unbridled merriment holds sway)

I figured “Go down” would have ot be in there somewhere.

I came on my own Accord once.

Honda owner

Me and my sister like to come up with weak variations on this joke. eg.

Bloke 1: I took my girlfriend to Indonesia
Bloke 2: Jakarta?
Bloke 1:No, we went by plane


Bloke 1: I took my girlfriend to northern italy
Bloke 2: genoa?
Bloke 1: Yes, shes my girlfriend

Well, it entertains us…

Just to point out, the “Jamaica” joke predates Fred Zeppelin by a good century or more, being an old British music-hall joke (and maybe even a Joe Miller chestnut).

I’m out the door to work, and haven’t time to dig up a cite right now…it’s certainly the kind of corny old joke that a couple of backchat comedians would use in the 40s or 50s, to elicit groans from a seaside audience (probably something like Page, Plant, et al grew up with as kids), and might be followed by the “straight man” with, “I don’t wish to know that, kindly leave the stage!”

As others have mentioned, “D’yer Mak’er” is the punch line of an ancient English music hall (i.e. vaudeville) joke.

Why this title for this song? Well, Jimmy Page was one of the first major rock musicians with an interest in “World Music.” A lot of Led Zeppelin songs have shown Middle Eastern influences, for example.

Well, Page was also one of the first rock musicians to take an interest in Jamaican reggae. And “D’yer Mak’er” was actually Zeppelin’s stab at doing a reggae number.

Reggae = Jamaica, which reminded Page and Plant of the old music hall joke.

I don’t mean to come off ride sounding here, I appreciate all the interest. I’m still wondering though, what on earth is original the joke??

Another connotation of “make” is simply “to have sex with.” Here are two chestnuts built on that:

“Jamaica” is a question often asked of college boys returning from a date.

How do you make a Margarita? Get her drunk.

Not to hijack this thread any further, but I couldn’t resist:

Person A: I took my girlfriend to Florida.
person B: Miami?
Person A: Yes, your ami.

Person A: I took my girlfriend to Washington state.
person B: Seattle?
Person A: No, Attle wasn’t feeling well.

Biffy TOLD you the original joke. I’ll re-print it for you. Then you read it out loud, using a Cockney accent, and you should get it."

English Bloke 1: “I took my girlfriend on an 'oliday to the Caribbean.”

English Bloke 2: “D’yer mak’er?” (He’s trying to say “Jamaica?”- but it sounds like he’s saying “Did you make her?”)

English Bloke 1: “No, she went of her own accord.”

As Biffy notes, there are several variations on the joke, but that’s the essence of it.