Leftists of the Dope: are you living/planning for the future any differently due to Trump?


I’ve moved out of the country twice, and it had nothing to do with who was president. (Reagan the first time, Clinton the second.) I did run into lots of goofuses who left because of who was president, and they always thought I was “one of them” and was sorely disappointed to find out otherwise.

When I lived in Albuquerque, a friend always kept his passport up to date and insisted his girlfriend do the same in case they had to flee suddenly when George HW Bush’s stormtroopers started kicking in doors. Uh-huh.

Some on the left object to being called “liberals,” so I was trying to be inclusive.



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Leaper says:
“…so I was trying to be inclusive.”

How liberal.
But sorry, “leftist” sounds like some right wing radio scare term to me. It sounds like you believe it is synonymous with “liberal”, I don’t.

I have left a lot of room open for protesting, so that’s different.

That’s pretty much the way I am. I can see that the things Trump is doing are wrong and Trump should be out of office. But I have to admit it generally doesn’t affect me personally.

Some of us who oppose Trump don’t consider ourselves to be leftists or liberals. I think of myself as a moderate.

For me, I will now always call bullshit on Trump supporters. I don’t care if it’s Christmas dinner, if you lay down some white nationalist Fox News nonsense, I will call you out, ask for citations and pull up facts on my phone. My days of letting casual racism and sexism slide are over. I also now tithe, I give 10% of my salary to charities that promote the rule of law, freedom of the press, protection of immigrants and of the environment.

Most definitely. My wife and I are dual nationals, Canada and US. We have three children, all living in the US. Two and a half years ago we were making serious plans to move to NY where our daughter lives. We went so far as to make an appointment with a real estate agent as we thought we could buy an apartment for what we could sell our house. We said to each other, “Well, let’s wait till after the election, ha ha ha.” We’re still in Montreal and have just bought a condo here because living in a house, schlepping laundry from the basement to the second floor, dealing with icy driveways, etc., has just gotten too much. We had thought that Hillary would fight like hell to improve the ACA. Instead Scotus is poised to end it. Even as poor as it is, Trump has made it worse. No thanks.

I’m well to the left of Trump, and way to the left of the craziest of his fans. I expect his naive policies will hurt the economy, but fortunately presidencies are temporary. We survived Nixon, Bush, and Worse Bush. We’ll survive Trump. I still don’t have a passport, and I’m not in a hurry to pack up and abandon my country. I’m 69 and retired, so my investments are already weighted toward stable, cautious stuff, so I can’t move into anything less risky.

Do Americans care what the rest of the world thinks? I suppose they expect to be reviled in the Middle East and parts of S America, but these days it’s hard to find a country where the majority of the people are aghast at what is happening in what was once the bastion of democracy and the rule of law.

I’m watching a lot more cat videos. They are soothing.

After Trump was elected I donated money to Planned Parenthood.

I’m viewing the future quite differently and making significant changes right now, but not for the OP’s reasons. Raw populism is rising all over the world. There was always going to be a Trump and a Salvini, and a Brexit, and a LePen and (insert list of rising right wing nationalist factions). It just happened in the US in a more surprising way.

The world is changing at a fundamental level, due to wholesale changes in work and automation, uncorrectable debt levels, systemic weather changes, and the approaching end of cheap energy. With brittle and failing infrastructure, just in time supply chains, concentration of critical manufacturing in single, vulnerable locations, and increasingly bankrupt local governments I’m convinced we will live in a less stable future. Everything will be less reliable – jobs, utilities, law enforcement, pensions, food, and most important by far, water. Life will get more expensive, and we will need to provide our own buffers for all the above. In the future as I see it, we cannot rely on these things being constantly available.

Dr. Strangelove sums up my feelings about the future very well.

This is what I have done, not contemplating or planning.

  1. Working longer, delaying retirement, paying down remaining debt, and adjusting to survive on much lower market returns. I passed my planned retirement date early this year. FA says I can stop now with no income change, but I don’t believe the rates of return in the future will support this. So I continue going in to the office.

  2. I’ve traded cars for a considerable increase in efficiency. Bought a Hybrid a few months ago while they’re still cheap. Trust me, the price of these will skyrocket if gas prices post a sudden rise. Also replaced my daily driver (truck) with a Corolla.

  3. Changed some ongoing expensive entertainment/hobbies such that I can quickly mothball the equipment and reduce the monthly cost by a factor of 30 (cheap storage). If times get rough, expensive toys will lose their value.

  4. I’m convinced that civil unrest and increased property crimes will be an unavoidable result of the changes, as more and more are pushed out of the middle class and homelessness increases. I do not believe California (LA, SF) and Seattle are outliers. They are bellwethers of our future. As a result, we’ve significantly hardened our home against burglary and intrusion, along with changes to lighting and landscape to make us a harder target. This involved significant activity with carpenters, welders, contractors, etc. Not a cheap wifi camera and a new app on my iBauble.

  5. We’ve increased our larder to hold a substantially increased amount of food and water, along with reserves of vital prescription medicines. The only thing in this that I’m “planning” is perhaps routing our downspouts to large water barrels. Not sure whether I’ll do that though.

  6. I’ve added a more powerful generator to the house, such that I can provide both 120 and 240 volt power for some time.

  7. I’ve increased my fuel storage (did this 2 years ago) to > 100 gallons. This is safely stored in the proper tanks and rotated thru our vehicles continually.

Please note; None of this is crazy prepper - camo and ammo stuff. Just adjustments to accommodate a less reliable world. I’m not planning for a SHTF Mad Max future, just trying to ensure there are more buffers between me and increasingly unreliable services.

Can I ask you how many different countries you have spent time in (say 5 days or more?) since Trump took office?

I, too, have become more activist.

And for the first time since January 3, 1981 we put a democrat in thefirst Congressional District of South Carolina!

Being in the Trump-favored demographic of “old white guy”, I haven’t done much in the way of adjustment. As long as I don’t have any massive unexpected expenses, I should be OK for about another ten years and, well, based on my family history and recent health issues, I’m very likely to be dead by then. As will Trump, so there’s that.

“Leftist” has the same connotation as “Islamist” to me. I don’t think I’m an extremist or a radical. I’m fine with “liberal.”

I am bracing myself for a long recession. We’d be due for a recession no matter who was in the WH, but Trump’s fiscal and immigration policies have practically ensured the next recession will be a particularly crappy one. So I’ve been looking at my money more closely and thinking about what my plan would be if I were laid off.

I am more wary of white people now than I used to be. When 30-50% of them have no problem with the president taking shits all over human rights of brown people, my brown-skinned self would be stupid not to be wary. They denied President Obama his citizenship despite him being an intelligent, law-abiding, hard-working family guy. I’m not under any delusion that these people wouldn’t do the same thing to a regular person like me if they had the chance. One of these people works in the cubicle right now to me. I blame Trump for my distrust.

And baby goats. I watch them just before I go to sleep, and in the morning the first thing I do is check the news hoping Trump has died.

I don’t think that was an accident. As I said, I define leftist for the purposes of this discussion as not a white nationalist.