Leftists of the Dope: are you living/planning for the future any differently due to Trump?

I asked a similar question back when he was elected, but with about two years gone by, I thought it was time to ask again.

“Differently” can be any standard you want, but the obvious one I have in mind is “as opposed to if Clinton had won, to the best of your speculative powers.” I’m particularly interested in concrete decisions and actions, especially long term ones.


I’m seriously considering leaving the country when I hit my 50s due to health care costs. But it doesn’t matter who gets elected, that isn’t going to change any. Our health care system would be brutal and overpriced with Hillary as president too.

Trump winning really reduced my faith in humanity. Not because ‘my side lost’, I wouldn’t have felt that way if McCain or Romney won. Its just that Trump winning shows a huge % of the country are ok with the worst aspects humanity has to offer.

But I don’t think that’ll affect my long term plans. It’ll just make me more cynical.

I may buy an AR-15 though. Not because I’ll need it, but I finally understand what those gun fanatics were worried about for all those years. The election of Trump seems to have pushed a lot on the left into buying guns because they realize our democracy is tenuous.

“Leftists” Ooh, that sounds bad. I don’t know if I am one or not, do you have a definition?

Not a white nationalist.

Planning to offer my family shelter in the UK when the government goes full Nazi.

Seriously though, no.

Since I’m just dark enough to be mistaken for Mesoamerican or Middle Eastern I have doubled downed on precautions when dealing with law enforcement or government officials. I still have preparations in place (updated passport, plenty of cash on hand, and plans for where to go and what to do) if it becomes necessary to flee the country.

This. I’ve really questioned the decency of a huge number of my fellow Americans. You can chalk up 2016 to a perfect storm of events, but if Trump is reelected in 2020, there is no excuse and no hope for this country in the short term (my remaining years).

Since Tuesday we’ve been seriously discussing a retirement in Europe starting in January 2021. It’s sad, and liberating, at the same time.

I immediately purchased a good radiation detector for $100. Other than that, I haven’t actually DONE anything else out of the ordinary. Of course, how I view the people of this nation has irrevocably changed.

How does that help you? The government has things like aircraft carriers.

In such an extreme scenario the immediate worry is less the federal government or military and more local militias or corrupt local law enforcement. Both of those are more easily held off by firearms in the short term, although if society has got to that point it’s pretty hard to plan for a longer-term strategy.

If/when he destroys the economy and collapses the housing market I might find it helpful, since I’m considering getting into one. However the economy was going to correct eventually anyway, regardless.

Socially I’m a white male, so I won’t be the target of any racist programs, so no changes there.

Not really. As a white hetero-sexual male, who is rather well off I recognize that I’m pretty low down on Trumps “they came for the” list. My compassion is for others who might not be so lucky.

I am no longer proud to be an American and I too have lost my faith in humanity. But I can’t leave. Most countries would not want a 62 year old woman with very little money and some health issues.

I’m stuck here.

Few of the things that changed under the Trump Administration have affected me directly. But I’m concerned about the many other people who are being negatively affected by them. I’ve become more activist.

Not especially. What I AM doing is trying a little harder to understand people who think differently than I do about things, putting in some extra effort in understanding their perspective, and simultaneously weighing what they believe against what I believe. If I end up thinking I’m still right, I’ll work on explaining why that is in terms they might accept. Both sides feel threatened by the other, despite extremists being in fairly limited supply.

Were it not for family, my wife and I would have moved to Canada after Trump became president.

Spending my IRA.

With the rise of naked white nationalism and neofascism, I feel safer with it.

I guess I’m a “leftist” relative to US politics, so…

Yes. I had an offer to work in the US recently and I dismissed it without any consideration. And i have an expat friend in Montana who I’ve had to make excuses not to go out to see.

Its always been a country with no shortage of gun-toting, conspiracy-minded racist lunatics, but the proportion is well out of hand now. I don’t want to visit America now that it’s “great”.

I’m not a leftist; I’m just anti-Trump.

I don’t have any particular concrete plans yet. However, I am now applying a higher risk correction for future events; in particular, the amount of money I need for retirement. What previously seemed like a comfortable amount now seems on the low side, given the possible disruptions to global economic stability.

It’s not even that I think things will necessarily get worse, on average, but that the chance of outlier events has gone up significantly. So to achieve the same safety margin on my future requires more resources.