Your Likelihood of Leaving the US if Donald Trump Is Elected POTUS

How likely are you to leave the United States if Donald Trump wins this thing?

I am not going to leave the United States if Donald Trump is elected President. He is no more dangerous or life threatening than any other president.

I survived two terms of Dubya, and I’m pretty sure that guy is actually mentally retarded.

I feel that George Bush, Jr was one of the three or four worst Presidents this country ever had, but I do honestly think he was TRYING to do the right thing as he understood it. Trump seems actively malevolent. That’s a good deal worse than mentally handicapped.

Yep, if I survived Dubya, I can certainly survive Trump.

Cruz, on the other hand…

Has no chance. If Chapo manages to put Trump in the ground before the election, Rubio will beat Cruz handily.

Zero. I have no other citizenship, and countries that are nice places to live tend not to accept people who want to move based on election results.

I disagree that Trump is malevolent. He may very well be incompetent, achieving whatever successes he’s had by the grace of falling bass-ackwards into his daddy’s money, but I don’t believe his goal is to harm the country.

Cruz, on the other hand…

Well, it certainly won’t entice me back!

Being an illegal alien i would say pretty high, if not exactly voluntary.

I would not, because it is too expensive to live anywhere else that wouldn’t be worse than America, even if the country continued to slide into a worse and worse position like it did under W. I don’t think it would get worse than more of the same W-ization of America (tax breaks AND more spending, that’ll solve the deficit!) because anything too radical that would impact me personally enough to want to leave would probably be blocked in Congress.

I’m not leaving. The country can’t go to hell that badly in four years (I’m being optimistic that The Donald won’t be elected to a second term. :slight_smile: ).

My Soviet/Russian history teacher once did a class exercise where he had us choose what “side” we would be on if we were in Russia in 1917. I responded in earnest that I would hope that I would see the writing on the wall and get the hell out of there. I’d been through a slightly similar situation in 2000 when a man widely judged to be the dumbest United States congressman–and an inveterate right wing evangelical–was the leading candidate to be my next governor. Both my boss and I were entirely ready to leave the state; I’d even started to look at places to live. (Granted, our city is on the border, so moving wouldn’t have been a truly life-altering event.)

Trump does strike me as being the kind of guy to put the nation through trauma much closer to Russia 100 years ago than anything the US has ever experienced. Like I said in class, I hope I’m smart enough to see the writing on the wall and get the hell out of there.

I voted that I might want to but it probably wouldn’t be feasible. To be fair, the list of things that make me wish it was feasible to emigrate is a very long one and includes things like snowstorms and subways so the bar is not that high.

I find the idea of President Cruz way scary than President Trump, and Cruzs weird face sets off something in my brain that makes me nauseous - that one is probably not even Teddy’s fault, he can’t help it if he has a “not quite human” visage. But I don’t think I can take 4 years ( or, God forbid, 8 ) of throwing up every time his face appears on TV. I just can’t.

As much as Trump wants to stop immigration, I don’t see him threatening to stop emigration. So I’ll take my chances, assuming that I’ll still be able to get out if the USofT becomes truly intolerable.

His apparent belief that he’s going to be somehow able to decree his way to a much more authoritarian government makes me fairly nervous, but I’ll stick around at least until the cries of those taken away in midnight raids become too loud to ignore.

I might want to leave, but it wouldn’t be feasible.

I think I’d enjoy a country like Norway or Canada. Universal health care sounds great to me.

Y’all realize… the problem isn’t getting out. It’s getting someplace else (that you’d want to be) to take you.

You’re not wrong.

I might do a week in Cabo before the wall goes up and I can’t get back in.