Leftover rice, warmed with milk and sugar

Having had white rice with dinner tonight, I mentioned to roomie that dad liked to heat up leftover rice with milk and sugar for breakfast. She said, ‘I guess it’s something about that generation.’ Both our dads were born in the '20s (we both came along late), and they liked rice porridge.

Is this a generational thing? A regional thing? Or just two guys who are of about the same age who happen to have liked the same thing?

What like rice pudding? Pretty common really.

Oh, is that what rice pudding is?

I grew up on Quisp and Cap’n Crunch.

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I seem to remember my Mother mentioning eating rice like this, she was born in 1931.

To my mind it’s not quite rice pudding which is cooked over low heat for a longer time.

My favorite topping to put on rice when I was a kid was cinnamon and sugar. I’m 24.

Now, of course, I prefer it savory. I cook it in chicken broth and put parsley and stuff on it. Yum!

We did this when I was a kid - except we ate it cold, just like cereal. I think it’s a generational thing - for the first 8 years or so of my life, I was raised by my great-grandmother, who raised 5 kids though the Great Depression, and my grandmother, who was a child during the depression. (I was born in the early 60’s.)

Yum! I love leftover rice. Heated with a dash of salt. Cold or warm with a dash of milk, brown sugar and cinnamon. Cold w/ a spot of white sugar. Mmmmmmm. I need to go make some rice.

Mom made rice pudding in a double boiler and yeah, I’ve eaten leftover rice with milk, sugar, and cinnamon, and I liked it! Also gravy (made with drippings) on white bread. Which is weird, because potatoes are probably cheaper than bread. Bread’s quicker though.

Mom (born in 1922) also ate milk-toast. I’ve never developed a taste for that.

My dad used to make this, with a pat or two of butter. Yum.

I ate rice with a spoon of sugar as a side dish when I was a kid.

I love country steak and gravy over rice or soup over rice. Pinto beans or purple hull peas and rice are another favorite of mine. I haven’t eaten rice by itself in twenty or thirty years.

I like rice pudding if it’s made correctly. I’ve had little success in finding any good rice pudding at restaurants. They always under cook the rice.

Milk-toast is just nasty on every level. Taste, texture, yuck yuck yuck.

I once made an Indian rice pudding using leftover cooked basmati rice, which I cooked with milk, sugar, a few golden raisins and ground green cardamom. The cardamom turns rice pudding from good to heavenly, especially when you top it with slivered toasted almonds or roasted chopped unsalted pistachios.

Mom was born in '45 and for the longest time I thought the only way you could eat rice was the way she served it: warm, with cream, sugar, and peanut butter in it. Dad (born in '39) was put off by the peanut butter, but likes it warm with cream and sugar.

I’m 45 now, and we always ate leftover rice with milk and sugar the next morning. It was a treat. Not the same as rice pudding, which I don’t like–this is just basically cereal. My kids eat it occasionally too.
One of my favorite desserts is white rice with sugar. I eat it when we go out for Chinese food after all the good savory stuff is done.

My parents were born in the 40’s, and warm rice for breakfast with milk and cinnamon was a treat when I was a pre-teen. I haven’t had it since, and never tried rice pudding, although I have friends who love it.

Yes, my mother (born 1924) used to serve this to me (born 1948) when I was a kid. I love rice pudding, too, but this was just rice in a bowl with milk and sugar.

Another thing she did that I liked was to make canned tomato soup and put cooked seashell noodles in it. (We called it “noodles” not “pasta.”)

Though dad liked it, I can’t remember ever having had it. Must’ve at one point or another, but I can’t think of an occurrence.

If I have any leftover rice, I generally try to have enough of whatever I was having with it leftover as well. If I have a goodly amount of leftover rice, I fry it up with some oil, soy sauce, mixed veg, and SPAM®. Or I’ll heat it an eat it with nothing on it, or some soy sauce.

My mom used to make us rice for breakfast and we would have it just like oatmeal–warm, with a little butter, sugar, and milk. It was delicious and I still eat it like that occasionally.

My grandmother did this. She used milk and honey though (not sugar). Maybe some cinnamon on top too. I like it!

Ugh. Luckily, mom didn’t like this either, so she didn’t make it, but apparently all her siblings/sibling’s spouses liked it, because they all fixed it (if not tomato soup, they used canned stewed tomatoes). I hated being at their houses when they had that stuff. Vile, vile stuff. Only difference is they used elbow macaroni, not shells.

If you like this stuff and happen to be in the right parts of MO, you can go to Lambert’s, Home of the Throwed Roll, and get mac-and-tomatoes as one of their bottomless pass-arounds. I don’t think I ever see anyone getting that particular pass-around, but the fried okra and hot rolls sure do get served up a lot. Mmm… Lambert’s…