legal questions on Dems spying on Giuliani

Giuliani is Trump’s personal attorney, and the Democrats revealed they obtained some of Giuliani’s phone records in the recent Impeachment Inquiry Report. Some questions:

  1. Did they need a warrant?
  2. Did they have a warrant?
  3. Did it violate attorney client privilege?
  4. Can Trump invoke a “fruit of the poisoned tree” legal manuever?
  5. What exactly was in the obtained records?
  6. Can Giuliani file a lawsuit, and against who?
  7. What can he do to figure out who to sue?

Are you proposing that criminals like Rudy have legal recourse to stop investigations into them?

Do you propose that non-Republicans have the same right to stop investigations – like, say, can Hunter Biden sue Rudy?

This is General Questions, not Elections.

Oops, I lost track. Apologies.

AT&T didn’t specifically mention a subpoena, but they said that they were “required by law” to produce the records requested by Congress.

In what proceeding? Congress is only bound by “legal maneuvers” to the extent that it relies on the courts to do work for it. You can’t go to court to dismiss an impeachment because you think they did it wrong.

No, no, no, no, numbers and times, anyone he wants (but he’ll lose), just make it up because any lawsuit would be baseless.

Answers below mixed in with your questions.

“What can Giuliani do about Democrat’s SPYING on him? And please, no political jabs !”

Can anyone comment on whether the speech and debate clause would protect a congressional investigation from a lawsuit against a valid subpoena? I mean, on top of the subpoena being presumably valid.

Courts say yes if it involves a legitimate legislative purpose. From Wiki:

While there are factual questions involved, the OP is so free ranging (and also contains a political jab in the title) I think this is better for Elections.

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None of those questions are about the Dems spying on Giuliani since that never happened.

Trumpers have this desperate need to find that magic bullet that will make this all go away. Newflash: There is not going to be a technicality that causes all of this disappear. I know that accountability for one’s actions is anathema to Republicans in regards to other Republicans, but none of their theories will nullify the corruption and wrongdoing that has been cataloged. They tried this with the Carter Page FISA warrant, the Steele dossier, Mueller’s “conflicts of interest”, the whistleblower speaking to House Intel staffers and being directed to the proper channels to report, now I guess the latest is spying on Giuliani. It’s desperate flailing, that’s all it is.

The magic bullet is when Mitch McConnell says it’s all fine “because fuck you, that’s why.”

Well then the voters get the ultimate say. Both for POTUS and for the Senators that abandoned their constitutional duty. If that still isn’t enough, then I guess we live in an authoritarian dictatorship.

We need to put the Republicans on record as saying “because fuck you, that’s why”. History needs to judge these monsters.





Call logs (who called whom and when and for how long.)

Anybody can sue anyone for any reason they want. If Guiliani does so he is unlikely to win. Congress’s subpoena and oversight power is very broad and no privileged information was obtained.

Hire a lawyer, then get laughed out of court.

They don’t say “Fuck”, kinda doubt they even do it. Ewww! Sorry.

Unless they are in an airport men’s room.