Legality of non-specified recurring charges.

So… I was wondering if you could help. I was wondering if companies are able to take the liberty of doing a recurring charge if that is not initially specified in any TOS? This company waited some time to charge me for something after I discontinued my credit card, and I thought that I was in the clear. I am wondering about the legality of doing this.

What does TOS mean to you? Thoracic outlet syndrome, Teacher Over Shoulder, The Original Series, and The Other Side, are what I get with my limited Google-fu. None of these seem to fit.

What company is charging you for what services? The credit card company? Did you cancel this credit card and now they are charging you for something? Is some other company charging you? What exactly are you asking?

Help us help you. 48.

Wait! Wait! TOS=Terms Of Service?? I think so! It fits. It just came to me as I was about to post this.

:smiley: Yes, Terms of Service.
Maybe I should have put TOA for terms of agreement?

And this is a wee bit embarassing but lets just say that the service was to ‘talk to females.’ In my conversation with them after getting billed in the mail, there was a wait between the call and when they charged my credit card. (I believe by about a month or more) So I figure it was recurring. (This is probably after I cancelled that credit card, too). They are trying to charge me, if memory serves, 48 bucks or so.