Legion of Superheroes fans, can you bring a lapsed fan up to date?

Until I picked up The Legion #33 on a recent comicsbuying binge, the last Legion books I bought were during the Emerald Vi story (which I never caught the end of because finances dictated I drop LSH and Legionaires in the middle of that storyline).

So, anyway, I bought Legion 33, and am faced with the fact that Things Have Changed.

First, the big one: What’s the deal with the Progenitor. I gather from some of the dialogue that Element Lad went crazy and did something very big and very bad. That’s all I’ve gathered, though. (Also, is there any explaination how Garth ended up in his new body, on a presumably related note?)

Second: When did Vi learn to get big? I’m not complaining, mind, but it was a little bit of a shock seeing it.

Third: Can someone explain the deal with Superboy…the guy in the comics shop made an attempt, but I never followed…

Fourth: There were a number of characters I didn’t recognise. Using the cover as a reference, since I’m not good at description:

The bald guy next to Triad, and above Chameleon.
The silver-clad woman between Superboy and Timberwolf.
The woman between Ultra Boy, Timberwolf and Ferro, and the naked woman next to her.
The blonde above Braniac 5.
The shapechanging (? that LOOKS like her power in the book itself) chica at the bottom (behind Imra’s legs).

Two I THINK I might have identified, but am not completely sure: The two immediately below Wildfire: Karate Kid and Star Boy?

Any other details you think might be useful to know.

Thanks, in advance.

Ah, welcome to my world.

Not that I’d ever discourage posting on the Straight Dope, but if you’re a Legion fan (past or present), you can’t do much better for Legion news than Legion World.

That said, here are answers to your questions:

  1. In Legion # 122-125 and Legionnaires # 79-81, there were two stories called, successively, “Legion of the Damned” and “Widening Rifts.” In the former, an alien race called the Blight, which perpetuates itself by infecting others and taking over their minds and eventually sapping all of a given planet’s energy, took over the entire United Planets after finding an entry point into the Stargate Network. The aftermath of that story was that Stargates were infected with residual Blight and holes in the fabric of reality began appearing…minor ones initially, but one turned major when a member of McCauley’s Workforce tried burning the Blight virus out of it and instead pumped energy into this hole, widening the rift. The conclusion of that story had ten Legionnaires lost through that rift, but managing to seal it on the way through, thus saving the universe.

The passage through the rift placed the Legion outside the universe. Only Element Lad managed to remain conscious, by turning himself into a crystal called Tromium, which apparently has time-stasis sort of properties. He encased the others in that substance and then calculated how to return them all to the universe…but in that transition, he got separated from them. They returned to the universe (albeit a galaxy far, far away) in the present day, Element Lad re-entered the universe billions of years earlier in time. He eventually came to dabble in creation of life, and hence became known by his creations as the Progenitor. He eventually created the Progeny, a race best described as sentient pillbugs, and he deemed them to be his most perfect creation, and he commanded them to wipe out everything else. Eventually, the other nine Legionnaires (plus a newcomer named Shikari) found him and Live Wire sacrificed his life to stop him. (This took place in a 12-issue series called Legion Lost) All that remained of either Live Wire or Element Lad was some of those Tromium crystals. Live Wire’s consciousness seems to have survived as an electrical impulse stored in the crystals, which have since coalesced into an Element Lad-like body. (The Legion # 5 and 25)

  1. Vi gained the power to grow as a “parting gift” from the Emerald Eye. Under the Eye’s influence, she had wished for Leviathan to be hers, so the Eye did the next best thing (it’s not capable of resurrecting the dead)…it put a little bit of him (his power) into her. (Leginnaires # 52)

  2. Superboy was kidnapped from the past by some thirty-first-century Darkseid-worshippers, who were kidnapping beings of power from the past (gee whiz, who just happen to all be from the twentieth/twenty-first century, and all were known on Earth! Small universe, small millennium…) and putting them under Darkseid’s thrall to carry out a plan that would make Darkseid ruler of everything. They were trying to get a young Superman (why not the adult Superman was never quite explained…maybe too strong-willed), but grabbed the clone Superboy by mistake. When they realized their mistake, they discarded him (apparently Darseid wouldn’t like having two Superboys working for him) and a Science Police cruiser found him, whereupon he stayed with the Legion until they can find the right point in time to return him to. (The Legion # 25-30)

  3. Bald guy is named Gear, a guy who’s part machine. He grows machine parts from his body and can interface with/communicate with/control machinery. Introduced in Legion of Super-Heroes # 117, joined Legion approximately The Legion # 3, depending on your definition of official joining.

Silver-clad is Dreamer, the reboot version of Dream Girl. Introduced (post-Zero Hour) in Legionnaires # 43, joined Legion The Legion # 10.

The naked woman is Kinetix, who was turned into a weird creature called a “terrorform” during the initial storyline of the new “The Legion” title (issues 1-8). I assume the other woman you’re referring to is the black one in the purple costume. That’s Kid Quantum II, sister of the original KQ, who died in the Legion’s first adventure. She first appeared in Legion of Super-Heroes # 82 and joined the team in Legionnaires # 60, and is currently the team leader.

The blonde above Brainiac 5 is Andromeda, who doesn’t appear in the book you’re reading. I guess she’s just included on the cover for pin-up’s sake.

The woman at the bottom is Sensor, the reboot version of Princess Projectra/Sensor Girl. Introduced and joined Legion in Legionnaires # 43. She was originally a genuine snake-like creature, but a mishap with one of the aforementioned “terrorforms” turned her into a half-humanoid-woman/half-snake being.

Sorry you asked? :slight_smile:

Not in the least! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me, Chiam! :slight_smile:

Is Legion Lost available in TPB form? Sounds like a good series to read.

I presume the galaxy EL ended up in is the one the Credo came from?

Actually I meant the other side of Kinetix (BTW, UGH, I RWALLY prefered her old look - and I was wondering where she was), the purple-grey woman in the crimson gear. I’ve since realised it Shikari - for some reason I failed to draw the connection between her on the cover and her in the book itself. (Also I should have recognised Andromeda. I claim the small picture is the cause of my confusion.)

Two Superboy related sidenotes:

  1. I wish ONE version was wearing his old (er…old for the CloneSB, not old as in Pre-Crisis) costume. At least Legion-Superboy’s Superman uniform looks pretty good and has a soundish reason. Titans-Superboy looks more like Grunge from Gen13. :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Superboy singing the Teen Titans theme just before he clocked Singularity was priceless.

Er…looks like I misread you. (Or did EL end up in another Galaxy, too?) But question holds, I suppose - did they end up in the Credo’s galaxy?

Unfortunately, no.

It is.

Yes. Essentially, the Credo are the persecuted people of the so-called “second galaxy” who are now exacting revenge on the Progeny now that Element Lad/the Progenitor is no longer directing/protecting them.

Ah. On the small-size .jpg of the cover I was looking at, she wasn’t very distinct, so I didn’t see her.

Bummer. I love TPBs.

Heh, even on the full size cover, she tends to blend a little with Ferro and the background if you’re not looking closely enough. (Speaking of Ferro, is he stuck in his mettalic form or something? He never shifted back, and I’m wondering if that was just a coincidence or not.)

Oh, and reading Lightning Lad’s Order of Membership post at Legion World, I’m left kind of wondering why Xanthu keeps sending members. Sheee.

Yep, he’s stuck. I wish we’d get more of Ferro Lad. It may be just the Legion fanboy in me, but he’s always been one of my favorite characters.


No, he’s stuck. He was badly injured in Legion Worlds (a 6-issue mini-series between Legion Lost and the onset of the new The Legion series which showed what the non-Lost Legionnaires were up to during the Lost ones’ absence) # 5, and if he swtches back to flesh, the injuries will be fatal (or something like that).

The Xanthu government can’t really stop them from going if they want to leave to join the Legion.

Eee-yech. At least he’s stuck in the useful form, anyway.

Hee. Still, you got to admit, they’ve sent (and lost) an unusual number of Legionnaires compared with the rest of the galaxy. Which is kinda weird, really. Usually it’s Earth what gets the disproportionate share in these things. Like Darkseid’s superbeing search.

Personally, I’d have grabbed every infant on Daxam and Krypton, starting with the present for Daxam and its destruction for Krypton, then backing up until the births of the races. Heck, that might even have prevented Krypton’s destruction, preventing the creation of Kryptonite, thereby making a large portion of my superarmy invulnerable as long I kept them out of Red Sun systems. Probably would have grabbed all the Coluans, Durlans, and Titanians, too. Mmm. My population is getting pretty big here. OK, only two generations of each. Still, I’m getting a good sized, insanely powerful army here.