LEGO has "Toy Story" stuff now!

Me likey:

That’s just too freaking awesome. The army men are so… damn it, I don’t have $110 to spare…

I was going to say they’re a few years too late, but some googling led me to Toy Story 3, due out on June 18. So there ya go.

Yep! Just got the catalog today! Wonderful!

much cool

thanks for the link


Now to build stuff with my Mindstorms and these. Walking, talking Toy Story LEGO toys. If I’m careful I can even set them up where they are controllable via the web and then make them move around when no one is at home. A friend of mine used to play with his cat this way. He had a webcam hooked up to his LEGO Mindstorms controller and would use the IR link to control another bot which he would use to chase his cat when work was slow. It would be soo cool to do that with Buzz Lightyear, but I have a dog who would just eat him.


So, how long before they have a LEGO Toy Story game for the Wii and other gaming consoles? :smiley:

Then I take it you have also missed the new wave of movie-accurate Toy Story toys.

I missed that. How cool! How did they program them to come alive when you leave the room?

They are working on a Lego MMOG


I don’t know. It never seems to happen when I’m there, so I haven’t managed to figure it out.

My son has the Buzz (got it for Christmas… he really wanted the robot version though). I guess I know what is going on his list next… but the one he has talks and interacts with you. You pop open his helmet and he quotes the line from the movie (My eyeballs could have been sucked from their sockets!) among other things and eventually goes into hypersleep if you don’t reply to it when it asks if you are still there.

I’m about as excited as him to see the next movie though. I had to disappoint him after seeing the commercial, months away not just a couple sleeps…

I’m not a gamer, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but if you look at this trailer

Lego Universe looks AWESOME!