Lekatt, you have a brain.

From the Schiavo thread, in which lekatt is, well, lekatt: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=557330&page=5

Lekatt, just because you believe that you are thinking without having a brain does not mean that Schiavo could think without having a brain.

The simple fact is that despite the remarkably poor functioning of your brain, you do have a brain. Since you doubt this, you should get a brain scan done and have someone explain the results to you.

Until you do this, you’ll just have to trust me – you really do have a brain despite the symptoms that indicate otherwise.

I disagree with your premise.

Well I suppose it could be that someone stoll his brain. [Muffin looks menacingly]OK, which one of you mugs stole lekatt’s brian. No questions asked if you return it.[/Muffin looks menacingly]

Has the brain eating zombie invasion started already? lekatt seems to have ummm misplaced his.

The dingos took his ‘brine’.

Don’t mean to rain on your parade, but lekatt never comes here, so he won’t see the thread. Well-deserved Pitting though. I was tempted to start one myself, on the strength of his whiny bullshit about dissenting opinions aren’t tolerated on the Dope. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: OW! MY EYES! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

But I was afraid ivn1188 would report the thread as unsuitable for the Pit. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Lekatt on braains:

So are lekatt’s thoughts made by his brainless body, or are the emanating from some other brain eating zombie’s digestive tract?

Why did I know, after reading only the title, that this would be the first response to the OP? :slight_smile:

Because you still have a brain. Don’t let the dingos get you.

mediocre minds think alike?

I think we need to hear from Lekatt’s doctors.

lekatt, watch the balloon! Come on… see the balloon, lekatt?”


On the basis of long-distance seat-of-the-pants diagnosis (which featured prominently in the Schiavo case), it seems likely that lekatt has a normal-sized brain.

The cortical segment that involves extreme credulousness and love of the supernatural has, however hypertrophied to an alarming degree resulting in atrophy of remaining sectors.

I have established a foundation to study this phenomenon, and donations are welcome (checks should be made out to the Babbling Lekattosis Research Foundation, Jackmannnii, Treasurer).

Pitting lekatt is like pitting a brick wall with a poster on it. He doesn’t listen, he doesn’t learn, and his message is always the same. He is immune to logic, facts, and explanation, because his first premise in anything is ‘I’m right.’, and the second one is ‘They’re all wrong.’ The only thing we can do is to continue to point out how wrong he is lest some poor naive innocent read his drivel and take it to heart.

Ooh, is it a poster of Rita Hayworth?

“Get busy near-living, or get busy near-dying.”

No. VIC-20 is more like it.

This would be much more accurate if you replaced “pitting” in this sentence with “talking to.”

Lekatt is well aware he has a brain. He just thinks he doesn’t use it.

I agree with him.

Isn’t Lekatt the person who believes in all sorts of ridiculous supernatural things despite being on a message board whose goal is to rid the world of ignorance?

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say nobody’s got it hooked up to a computer and running a giant underground complex on some planet with a matriarchal civilization.

They might be running an ant farm with it or something.