Lemmings ..? The game not the animal.

Does anybody know where I could find a full download of the original game ? I’ve looked but all I can find is the demo.

You’ll probably have to find someone who is willing to let you pirate it from them. otherwise you’ll have to pay for it. IIRC Symantec was the company who developed it. From UK i believe.

On a side note, my friend and I managed to finish every board on the whole game one summer (1994, i think) quite an undertaking. We compiled a .txt file with all the passcodes as we defeated each board, but i’m sure it has been deleted by now.


As a general matter, software publishers make a “demo” version of a game available to the public for free to interest people in buying the full version of the game.

It is not the policy of this board to point out links to warez sites or pirated software.

However, a quick search revealed contact information for Psygnosis Software, the publisher of Lemmings 3d. I’m sure if you ask them this question, they’ll have plenty of suggestions on how to obtain a full version of their program:

Psygnosis Limited
Foster City, California
Customer Service:800-438-7794
Email: psygtech@psygnosis.com
Web Site:www.psygnosis.com

(Sarcasm aside, if by “original game,” you mean the old shareware DOS version, there seems to be a link for it here.)

I’ve seen the complete version of Lemmings available in the bargain software bin of Sam’s Club recently.