Leonard Part 6: What happened to parts 1-5?

The title says it all. IMDb provides no clues, so I suspect that the reason for the title may be revealed in the movie. Any ideas?

The first 5 movies of the series were so bad that no-one would distribute them.

The more movies you put out in a single movie franchise, the worse the movies get. Star Wars was a great movie, Empire was possibly even better, but after that they steadily got worse, until the fifth one was all but unwatchable. This is a generally accepted verity. I believe it was Roger Ebert who put forward the theory that Leonard, Part VI was so very, very bad that they decided to skip the first five parts and let everyone know right up front that this was an irredeemably bad movie.

Short answer: There never were (and God willing, never will be) any prequels to this film. The title was just one more dumb joke in a movie filled to overflowing with dumb jokes.

This movie belongs right along side of “2001: A Space Travesty.” Same genre, same quality. Although contrary to the IMDb ratings I’d much rather watch Leonard. If you’re in the right mind it’s stupid fun.

I suppose this was the reason they decided to go with that joke.

Speaking of which, do I have to watch Apollos 1-12 before I can appreciate Part 13?

And when are they going to release Malcolm XI?

I’m still trying to find a Blockbuster that has copies of Malcolm, Malcolm II, Malcolm III, or any of the others.

How about The Madness of King George parts I and II?

And when is Shakespeare going to write Richard IV?

OK, this is getting old fast.

Anybody remember Caddyshack when it came out in the theaters? One of promos they showed on TV ended with the line (possibly uttered by Chevy Chase, sounded like him): “Better than Caddyshack II”. How prophetic. Eight years later he was proven correct.

In order to avoid any embarassment or harm to prominent people, those films have been sealed away and will not be made public until 50 years after all those involved have died.

I hope Vin Diesel is going to be back for “31” – also known as “XXXI.”

“American History IX” was actually worse than the sequel.


btw, I asked in a video store if they had SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE and the clerk (a teenage girl) actually did say “We don’t even have the first four.”

NBC is in the process of ramping up “VI”, which continues the ‘Nazis from space’ sci-fi miniseries from the 80s, “V”.

I couldn’t find History of the World Part 1 by Mel Brooks.

(The clerk asked about Slaughterhouse 1 - 4. That. Sucks.)

I’m still waiting for Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge.

I’m not familiar with Leonard Part 6. Is it one of Shakespeare’s later works?

The irony here is that in the U.S., the “III” was left off the title, because it was feared that people would ask that very question.

Anniee, why couldn’t you find History of the World Part I? (Part 2, on the other hand, is mighty scarce. And I wanted to see those Vikings on Ice, too!)

I thought it was Hitler on Ice. Not to mention Jews in Space!

I’m currently looking for the first six of Bergman’s Seal movies. All I can find is the seventh.