Leonid Meteor Showers..

How many people were able to catch the meteor showers the other night. Did you see anything truly spectacular?

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I am so bummed. I tried so hard to stay awake, and I just couldn’t. I kept going outside to see if I could see anything, but it was too early. I saw one little one, but that was it. Darn.

While at Massanutten Resort in VA, I stayed up late Wednesday night (until 0100) saw only a few that evening. On Thursday night, I started looking just after sundown. Every hour I would go out for 15 minutes until mignight but again I only saw a few and turned in for the night.

However, I got up at 0500 on Friday and went out. That time I saw ~15 in just 5 minutes! Some two-at-a-time! Nothing too bright though. I’ve seen brighter during the Perseids in August.

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Cloud cover.
Oh, archaeopteryx shit!

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I only got to see one, but it was a beautiful one. Too bad I didn’t see anymore. :frowning:

Saw one Thursday morning on the way to work. Sun wasn’t quite risen yet – it hung in the sky for quite a while.

I’m looking forward to January.

I spent a large portion of the night in a rather dark cemetary on the Connecticut coast, for lack of anywhere else dark enough I could see a decent amount of stars. Drove into the cemetary, took out my lawnchair, sat down, and stared at the sky. That was around midnight. Sat there, staring at Leo, looked up towards Orion and his friends, watched Saturn and Jupiter with a cheap pair of binoculars (I was impressed with the detail I could see), and decided to look over towards Leo again, just to make sure nothing was happening. Sure enough, a rather bright meteor shot towards the Big Dipper. Hmm, this might be worth my while. I stayed there until about 2:15am, at which point I couldn’t feel my feet anymore and decided to go home. Total meteors: 23. Big ol’ fireball meteors: 6. I guess thats good for another 33 years (or however longer since Temple-Tuttle is supposed to get diverted by Jupiter or something).


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Yeah, I saw about 20 small ones and 5 big ones. 2 were spectacular, as in I’ve never seen 'em that big or with such full tails.