Leopold and Loeb case citation

I have to write a paper on the Leopold and Loeb trial, but I do not have the case citation. Can anyone tell me what it is, or where I can find it?


Trials are often not reported in law reporters so I don’t know if there is an official citation. Regardless, a transcript of the famous closing arguments is available here:



Thanks Cliffy, I didn’t know that. Okay then, does anyone know where I could get information on what the witnesses for the State said, or at least a list of the State’s witnesses?

I found that page (and others which seemed informative, including some bibliographies of books on the subject) by typing “Leopold Loeb” into Google. This shouldn’t be too difficult a subject to research.


Yes, I found the site you linked to on google earlier, unfortunately none of the sites go into great detail about witness testimony for the prosecution, which is what I need. I all ready have the three books that my library has on the subject but again, not much detail on witnesses for the state, so I came here looking for help. Perhaps the information just isn’t out there…oh well.

It seems to me there’s quite a bit of information available. Check out Amazon. And then see if you can get those materials through interlibrary loan.

www.crimelibrary.com may be of help.