lesbian couples

A friend has suggested that I try to get some personal feed back on
a controversial topic. I am interested in the specific concerns
Lesbians would bring to counseling and societal views of Lesbian couples
adopting children. This is not your average coffee room conversation, so I
have ventured into the Yahoo lesbian chat room in an attempt to start a
conversation with a member, however, I was not able to gain any insight. What people do in chat room (lesbian or otherwise) is a whole new topic. Anyway, I do not know any openly homosexual couples to ask. So, I turn to the board, and hope that I will get some responses that might assist me in my quest. Perhaps websites that may assist, or even an online chat partner that could answer a few questions about there level of Cultural identity and development as it relates to gay couple. I hope that there might be someone willing to educate a naive. Straight gal. :confused:

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Lesbian Couples

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