Less than a month to find a date...

…before I’m alone on New Year’s Eve for the 4th year in a row. Admittedly, two of those years were from lack of effort.

[maudlin]Cap’n Crude isn’t talking here – this is Marshall, the cute, witty, reasonably handsome, reasonably well-dressed, thoughtful, successful editor-guy talking now. I’m looking to fall in love again – falling in bed would be nice, but it’s an empty sort of thing to do compared to the other.

If anybody knows some nice women in the NY area who don’t mind a short guy who’s in the gym 3-4 days a week trying to get back into shape, point 'em in my direction, huh? Jewish is a plus, but not a requirement. For more info, they can see me here by looking up profile #64773. Help a fellow Dope out this holiday season![/maudlin]

Sorry about that self-pitying crap. We now return you to your regularly scheduled crudity. :wink:

–Da Cap’n
“Playin’ solitaire 'til dawn
With a deck of fifty-one.”

One word: Michelle ::sigh::

Ahhhh, Cap’n. That ain’t self pitying. Just a nice message. Don’t worry lots of us in the boat. Both male and female.
Ha, but, one month is kinda short notice to fall in love, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


I’m Jewish too. :slight_smile: But not in New York. That is to say, I don’t live in New York, not that if I went to New York I would no longer be Jewish!

I crave an art that passionately transcends the mundane instead of being a device for self-deception.–Griffin, from The Griffin and Sabine trilogy.

Awww Cap’n. I too am dateless for New Years… ill cyber smooch ya lol… and just think being in two different time zones… we could celebrate twice!!

I am me… accept it or not.

I can’t figure out how to see a profile by number at that site.

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O p a l C a t

Cap’n, you’re more than welcome to join me, assuming you want to freeze your butt off. I’m going to be spending my holidays out in the sticks…brrrrrrrr. Now that’s a good reason to snuggle! :smiley:

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge…others just gargle.

How short is short?

Formerly unknown as “Melanie”

Yeah Opal, I couldn’t figure that out either.

All: Thanks for the kind words of support. This is a time of year that usually hits me pretty hard, so I send cybersmooches to you all (doubles for the wimmin).

MoosieGirl – I’m fuzzy, cuddly, and well-insulated. You snuggle offer tempts me.

Saxy – When I say short, I mean 5’4" in my shoes. I look taller because of my build, but get up close and the illusion fades.

The curious: Sorry about your not being able to view my jdate profile. I had thought that the Visitors area included a “look up member by number” function, but I was wrong. That’s only available to members. However, the membership is absolutely free, with no strings attached. You can join, look me up, and then forget about it.

–Da Cap’n
“Playin’ solitaire 'til dawn
With a deck of fifty-one.”

Ummm … that doesn’t mean I’m done basking in the attention, people. Keep those friendly posts coming – I just remembered I’m dateless for my birthday tomorrow as well.

–Da Cap’n
“Playin’ solitaire 'til dawn
With a deck of fifty-one.”

Oh, Cap’n, my Cap’n–I’m afraid I’m booked up for New Year’s.

But happy b’day–and who knows? I’m on the loose, too, and we might just fall madly in love when we meet at the NY get-together. Mel and I might have a cat-fight over your attentions while the other men fume in the background.

. . . Or, we might utterly horrify each other. Ya never know.

Happy belated birthday, Cap’n.

Happy belated birthday, Cap’n…

Or ditto, as the case may be. (that was just a little odd…)