Let it snow, let it snow, let it - NOOOO!

Looks like NC is about to get unfeasibly large (as in celestial-dump truck sized) amounts of wet ultrasticky snow! 12" predicted for areas west of the Triangle and up to 8" for the coastal plains where my folks live. They say that this is definitely a first, at least for our immediate area…

Now I’ve gotta make a 2 1/2 hour drive from the east part of the state to Greensboro - here’s hoping that coastal low isn’t volatile enough to start chucking it at us while I’m going through, say, Raleigh (ulp)! Still mildly freaked at the memory of a 30-ft. boat stranded in the middle of 40-East during that freak snow two weeks ago…

Nods head If I’m not mistaken we here in southern Indiana are experiencing the begining of what is headed your way. We are only getting a light coating, about an inch, but it is wet and sloppy.

Be careful on your drive, and watch out for the other drivers that forget from year to year how to drive in adverse conditions.

Good luck with the drive, be careful, and keep in mind that the title of this thread is one of the greatest I’ve ever read. It had me on the ground laughing.

Take care, it’s cold out there.

Please send some my way to Thunder Bay. I’ve had snow tires on my call all summer in anticipation, and have had a pair of skiis inside the car for the last month. I’m eager with antici…(SAY IT!)…pation.

Ok, made it to Greensboro fine and dandy and not a flake in sight, unless you want to count my best friend’s roommate, ur hur. But it’s colder than a pimp’s heart* atm, and just feels like snow (insofar as a good ol’ girl such as myself can sense).

Believe it or not, dear Midwestern posters, this stuff is coming at us from the Atlantic ocean, making it especially moist and sloppy (insert smirky entendre here). But we’ll do our best to encourage it to move on your way, perhaps by not offering it any sweet tea refills.

And Jester: Cheers!

*With apologies to Mike Ness

You’re sitting at home Rock-n-Rolga? Don’t you know your presence is required immediately at the nearest grocery store to buy all the milk and bread in sight? Hurry, there is still a pack of hot dog buns on aisle 5 and some half & half hidden behind the yogurt!

OMG! I know that situation all too well… I’ve moved around a lot (currently in CT, but in school in PA), and before living in Charlottle NC, I’ve lived in Long Island and Chicago. Due to this, a huge snowstorm was no skin off my back.

Once I got to Charlotte though, everybody would freak out if “flurries” was mentioned by a weather forecaster. I found it highly amusing. :slight_smile:

No, no, no.

When you hear that it’s going to snow, you buy toilet paper and kitty litter! Then you call everyone you know, and ask if they bought toilet paper and kitty litter.

Who cares if you starve, as long as the litter box is clean!

The cats might care. In my town a fellow was eaten by his cats.

The odd thing is that during this period, his sister maintained the exterior of his property. (We are wondering if she was scamming his social security.)

But it gets worse. Upon discovery, the bottom fell out of the neighourhood real estate. The person who owns the apartment building across the street is sueing the estate and the sister, but last week she (the apartment owner) mysteriously disappeared. (A police search is underway, and foul play is suspected.)

Meanwhile, he dead guy’s son, who lives in the same town, is threatening to sue the municipality for not looking in on his father enough.

Given that the dead guy’s family seems to be pretty messed up, I can’t blame the cats for eating him, however, I think that the lesson to be learned here is that when the winter storms arrive, you should eat your cats before they eat you.

I note that as I write this, there are four cats watching me intently, as only cats can do. Lucky for them that I am a vegetarian.

We havent had any snow yet - as I live in Austria that is pretty much out of the ordinary -
man… life is peachy :slight_smile:

But I just know, that by x-mas day there will be tons of wet sticky gray snow with the occassional yellow spot around… I just know it… call me psychich if you like rollseyes