Let’s hear it for the Bretons! (Damn! - It must be the shellfish)

Got back from holidaying in Brittany a little while ago – here’s a story I’ve been meaning to post.

I’m in the habit of buying the local paper when we’re in France – in this case La Presse D’Armor - and I like flicking through before reading; In the Petites Announces (small ads) my eye was caught by a column of ads, each of which started by giving an age – I have it in front of me now. In order, not skipping any entry which begins with an age:

[li]Dame, 68 ans[/li][li]Dame, Veuve, 66 ans[/li][li]Homme, 82 ans[/li][li]Homme 82 ans[/li][li]62 ans[/li][li]76 ans[/li][li]79 ans[/li][/ul]

So I’m thinking, I guess we’re in Births, Marriages and Deaths, and this is –

BUT NO: How wrong was I? – these are the Lonely Hearts ads!

I’ll expand on a couple*:

DAME, VEUVE, 66 ANS, CHERCHE MONSIEUR pour romper solitude. Non-fumeur, sobre….
[Lady, widow, 66 years, looking for a gentleman to break the solitude. Non-smoker, sober…]

Homme, 82 ans, veuf, N.F, N.B, sincère, affectueux, attentionné, rencontrerait femme, 75 à 80 ans pour relation stable….
[Man, 82 years, widower. Nonsmoker, ?non-drinker, sincere, loving, attentive, would [like to] meet [a] woman, 75 to 80 years for stable relationship….]

It’s positively inspirational - life affirming - 82 years young and looking for love. All these older people, sincerely, bless every one of them, and I hope they all find the person they’re looking for. Maybe it’s the sea air or maybe it’s the seafood. But whatever it is, it’s bloody great!

Just wait til they figure out how tinder works!


    • Trep’s shitty translations as usual. I can only apologise.

I notice that that 82-year-old man is still looking for a younger woman.

It’s enough of a thing for marketers to have picked up on it: