Share your personal ads!

I’ve been using online personals for a few years, off and on. It’s worked well for me from time to time. Been on a few dates. Turned a couple into short- to medium-term relationships. Right now, I’ve got two up on Lavalife; one for “dating” and one for “relationships”.

I invite you to share your own personal ads here. Critiques of posted ads are also welcome.

My two:


My tagline at the top of the page: “I’m the boy next door. Well, I am if you live in house number 2313.”

I’m on LL because I’ve met all of my friends’ friends, and even some of their friends.

Me, in 100 letters or less: cheese - yum; spiders - eek; puppies - aww; bad drivers - grr; pro sports - zzz; sarcasm - hah.

Family describe me as supportive and dependable. Friends describe me as funny and outgoing. Colleagues describe me as dedicated yet insolent. Adversaries describe me as determined yet diplomatic. No real people were consulted in the crafting of the previous lists of qualities.

Stuff I do or like: cooking; snowboarding; my houseplants; genealogy; absolutely any kind of music (limit the enthusiasm to almost none when it comes to country); reading anything, wine and microbrews; fine dining (and sometimes, not so fine); driving all night to have breakfast in another province (there’s a great Perkins on Portage!).

I’d like to meet a gal who’s sweet, funny, sarcastic, feminine, intelligent, well-read, intuitive, loves her family, likes to dance. She’s optimistic w/o being Panglossian. She realizes that we both have friendships that existed before we met, and it is healthy and important to each of us that those friendships are maintained. She’ll hug you when she knows you’ve had a bad day. After her bad day, a hug may not fix things, but she welcomes it. She knows the difference between “you’re”, “yore” and “your”. She knows who she is and is very happy that way. She knows who she is and is very happy that way. She appreciates redundancy.

She is interested in exploring the secrets of life. She laughs easily and often. Iggy Pop aside, she has a wonderful lust for life. Travel, food and wine, reading, and all things spontaneous are things that she enjoys. She is honest, a good communicator, willing to try new things, and excited about the new adventures that are ahead in life. She might be surpised and even vaguely interested to find out that, much to my chagrin, tigers have never lived in Africa.

She recycles her newspapers.


My tagline at the top of the page: “Relationships…not about being completed, but about sharing completeness.”

Checking in: a single, charismatic, witty, confident, curious, unique, respectful, charming, and intelligent man of good character – one that mothers just seem to adore. Oh, and I’m an exceptional speller. (What? Like it doesn’t matter?)

My likes: the sound made by a straw when sucking up the very last drops of a milkshake; meandering through old neighbourhoods, admiring the quality and character with which homes were once built; the smell of a freshly ironed shirt; the soft feel of jersey cotton sheets on my bare back; sipping a nice Port while eating some particularly flavourful cheese; the crisp, salty air of an oceanfront town; the shimmering lights of the city as you drive back from a weekend in the mountains; plucking bits of meat from the carcass of a holiday bird even though I’m far too full to eat another bite; conversation that dances with wit and wonder; sleeping sounds - like deep, peaceful breathing and the rustling sound that hair makes as it brushes against a pillow.

I am seeking someone with whom I can freely share thoughts, sentiments, curiosities, desires, passion, warmth, comfort and dreams. You are a fun-loving, spontaneous woman who is interested in exploring the secrets of life, who laughs easily and often. You are honest, able to express your thoughts well and without regret, willing to try new things, and excited about the new adventures that are always ahead in life. You are sweet, funny, sarcastic, intelligent, and intuitive. You can likely be described as mischievous. You recognize that family and the relationships that we build in our lives are the true measure of wealth (though fancy things are nice too). You recycle your newspapers.

Of course, I’m open to negotiation. If you see yourself at all in this description and want to know more about me, you should send me a smile or a note. After all, aren’t all of the best things in life begun with a single, daring step?

So tell me, which side of the Canadian Rockies do you consider windward?

That’d be the east side. Everything we get comes from you good folks, over top of the mountains, then there it is. Thus, we must be leeward.

I was afraid of that. Leeward, windward. It’s a good thing I don’t give boating directions for a living.

In regards to the OP, I have spent most of the day trying to draft a well-thought-out ad for my LL profile. Feh. I think I’ll pay a friend to do it for me. My brain is mush.

Your ads both seem to be balanced. If I thought you were within coffee radius I’d respond, but those pesky mountains … :wink: