Let them know you've been raptured!

Send a Rapture Letter!

While this reads like an obvious spoof, I’m not 100% sure that it is. A domain-name lookup didn’t provide any useful information.

I suppose it’s possible that someone who sincerely believed they might be bodily taken up to heaven at any moment might write a little script that would initiate mass mailings if they didn’t reset a countdown each day. (Maybe have a couple of other sincere believers “in the program” to ensure that getting run over by a bus didn’t trigger a false rapture-alarm?)

Or maybe it’s just an original e-mail addy collector.

Anyway, it’s damned funny.

I got Raptured the other day just picking up 50lbs of dog food.
Gotta wear a truss for a while…

Wait, I thought that the Rapture was related to the Apocalypse. Wouldn’t those of us non-believers be burning in the eternal hellfires?

Nah, the general idea is that Christians get an “early out” before the excrement hits the air-conditioning.

I think we had a thread like this a while ago. I want to write:

“I’m in Heaven and you’re not! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!!!”

Yeah, but it’s only seven years. We can get a lot of good sinning done in seven years!

In case of Rapture, I’m taking your shit.

You go now.

So the web site owner is going to magnanimously sin to avoid the rapture so he or she can press the button afterwards that sends the emails? Damn nice of that person.

Or did someone actually make a rapture-detection PC peripheral board?

Guin, I did I search a’fore I posted, and only found the thread “What does this bumper sticker mean?” (“In case of Rapture, this car will be driverless.”) I didn’t search outside of MPSIMS, though.

Revtim, the person says s/he wrote a program to take care of things. I’m guessing it’d be a sort of “Dead man switch.” Or would that more properly be an “Assumed man switch”? “Translated man switch”? What?

I have a friend who uses the name Eternal Rapture and we have a message board under that name.
It’s more of an adult play ground so I can just about imagine their faces if people are doing a search for Rapture and come up with his site. :eek:

If the only way this person could leave the mortal coil was via rapture, then that might work. Unfortunately, when this idiot gets hit by a bus, a bunch of live walking-on-Earth non-raptured people are going to look pretty stupid when their loved ones get an email describing their living ascent into heaven. All their stuff will be gone when then get home from work!


Oh yeah, there ya go. Missed that I guess.

Well, I think it was a in the Pit. And it could have been lost in the Winter of Our Lost Content.

Personally i don’t believe in any of that shi…

hey wait - where’d all my work collegues go???