Let your fingers do the walking...

I just typed out the whole affair and thought better of it and erased. To summarize, I finally called this girl I had a “thing” with long ago and never really got over. I hadn’t talked to her in way too long, maybe two years. She is doing well, and rather than me bringing up the “Do you have a SO these days,” She brought it up, and she sounded like she was afraid I would say yes. Maybe she’s feeling the pressure of age, and maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I am so glad I called. The best two hours I’ve spent in months, and I HATE talking on the phone generally. Nobody has to pat me on the back and say, “way to go, kuroashi.” I’m not looking for praise, I really don’t have a reason for making this thread, other than to say that I’m so damn happy this week I could kiss a pig!

Congratulations. That initial step is the hardest, but the potential rewards are worth the risks.

(And that pig will probably be pretty happy as well. :))

Well, congratulations to you for getting over your shyness and reservations! Even if this doesn’t lead to anything significant, you may have gained a friend in this whole affair that you might not otherwise have had!

And as for kissing a pig, how about kissing a mpunted buffalo head? (that’s what my friend had to do oever the weekend in some bar as part of a bet; it was a belated 21st birthday celebration)

It wasn’t shyness and reservation, really.

That’s what scared her off for quite a while; I wore my heart on my sleeve and couldn’t give her space, even though I thought I was.

Mounted buffalo head, eh? Was it an albino?
Everybody should be happy, even if just for a little while.


i’m not being a pig here!

no! get that suit away from me!

ow! ow! that pinches!



oink oink?

Alright, whose next?!