Lethal Weapon (series)

Anyone watching Lethal Weapon?
I couldn’t stand it with Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs.
After his meltdown, they replaced him with Seann William Scott as Wesley Cole.

IMHO the show improved 100%. I had given up hope; but so far I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes of season 3. I also read today on TVGuide.com that they’re going to bring in a ‘female Riggs’ to the show. I guess they feel the need to have an unhinged character. https://www.tvguide.com/news/lethal-weapon-female-riggs/

I was fine with the first guy.

Watched the first episode of S2. I like new guy as much as the old guy. Still enjoyable, but no real improvement in my opinion.

That said, Roger’s weepy “My buddy is dead” routine was a little over the top. (My only criticism)

I relay enjoy the show. It’s not as intellectual as The Good Place but its good blow them up fun.

I’ve watched ep 1 of this season and it looks like sean williams scott is going to be a great replacement and I’m excited to watch this season. I was bummed to read that Waynes will be exiting the show at the end of the season without Riggs and Murtaugh the show won’t be lethal weapon any more.

Damon Wayans has quit, looks like. Can this show keep going?

Ugh, I just read this last night. He’s committed to finishing the season at least. I don’t see the side characters as being strong enough to keep people coming back if they replace both Murtaugh and Riggs. Unless there’s a fan base for Jordana Brewster that I’m not aware of.

Oh well, I’m still looking forward to checking out The Rookie with Nathan Fillon.

That’s a minor criticism if you ask me. I guess they felt like it was important to write in the transition between the characters.

As far as Wayans leaving the show; much like how people couldn’t watch Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher because he doesn’t match his character… It doesn’t bother me a bit that the TV Series called Lethal Weapon won’t have a Murtaugh and Riggs. If the show is entertaining, then I’ll watch it. Same with the Jack Reacher films. I liked them, and don’t care that Tom Cruise isn’t 6-feet-5-inches tall, 250 pounds. It was entertaining and that’s all I ask.

At the point when Damon Wayans leaves, the show will have made it just barely past halfway to the magic number of 100 episodes for syndication. So I have to think that they’re going to at least give it the ol’ college try as far as continuing. This is the network that displayed nearly infinite patience in its efforts to keep Sleepy Hollow breathing, and that show’s numbers were even worse.

Do companies still give a shit about that magic number? Seems like they could just sell their wares to one of the big streamers with out hitting that number.

But they don’t want to sell it to one service, they want to sell it to lots of them, over and over. Like how there have been over the years approx. 783 channels that have aired Andy Griffith and/or I Love Lucy.

We like Cole.

Murtaugh is sometimes too damn stupid and full of himself and I don’t care if he leaves the show. Plus his wife and daughter are too stereotypical.

The idea of a ‘female Riggs’ somehow doesn’t appeal. Cole is enough crazy for one show. Two crazy cops will be too much.

Just my opinion.

Agreed. I find Murtaugh the weak point of the show.

Well, he is getting to old for this shit.

I liked the show with Clayne Crawford and won’t be watching it without him. Damon Wayans is far more to blame for what happened than Crawford. He never wanted to be on the show to begin with.

Just getting into watching Season 1.

I hope when they killed Riggs, it was just a continuation of what I’ve been seeing so far. he jumps out of a window into a pool, and this time misses. Or actually slips off a ledge while pretending to jump.

I hope they didn’t do some momentous murder by a super villain in a very special episode. And they’d have callbacks for years. Like Beckett’s mom.

I’d rather he got killed falling in the shower. It would be more real, IMO.

Midway through season 2 here. I can see why Wayans wanted to leave. Looks like they took coherency and ran it over with a garbage truck. (too soon?) And does absolutely every crook in LA have full-auto weapons?

The characters are still fun, though the Murtaugh family troubles are getting annoying. But the plots are stupid, and the “Arc” story with the cartels and Riggs’ daddy should have just been left out. I was happy when Riggs’ father was just a jerk and dead and a ghost, not an all-seeing, all-powerful skinhead meth lord who micromanages Martin’s life all the way from Texas.

It’s been complained about in other movies and shows, but this series takes the cake for “needless gun cocking”. I swear, no one can even hold a gun without that “click” sound being used.

Is this new character “the Gute” (short for Gutierrez or something like that) the “female Riggs” they’ve been talking about? She seems charismatic if a bit over the top.