Let's assign D&D alignments to things!

Klingons: Lawful Neutral

Captain Picard: Lawful Good

Kirk: Neutral Good

Superman: Lawful Good

The Joker: Chaotic Evil

Bugs Bunny: Chaotic Good

Daffy Duck: Chaotic Neutral

Doc Brown (from BTTF): Chaotic Good

Emperor Palpatine: Lawful Evil

Darth Vader: Neutral Evil

Just a few to get started. Feel free to argue with mine and/or add your own!

Character Alignment for those unfamiliar. Also, through following links, a metric assload of characters’ and their alignments.

WARNING: TV Tropes link.

This thread: lawful neutral.

Bureaucracy: lawful evil

Cars: neutral evil

Deckchairs: chaotic evil

Cats: chaotic evil or chaotic neutral

Ants: lawful neutral

Dogs: lawful stupid

Sauron: Lawful Evil

Nazis: Lawful Evil.

KKK: Chaotic Evil.

Dogs Lawful Neutral (they obey orders)

Cats: Chaotic Neutral (they don’t obey orders)

One easy to miss but funny link on that page: Batman’s Alignment Chart

My fave - Muppets: http://geekdiaper.tumblr.com/post/3728668536/a-muppets-d-d-alignment-chart

Ledger’s Joker calls himself Chaotic Evil, but I’d put him further towards the Lawful end of the spectrum - he’s either a savant or just as much a schemer as everyone else.

Being a schemer isn’t a lawful (or any other alignment) trait.

Of course it is: creating and following complex strategies indicates a more lawful mindset. A chaotic mindset suggests a propensity to play things by ear.

Are you really going to try to claim that Elan the Bard is lawful?

Captain America: Lawful Good
Thor: Chaotic Good

Westboro Baptist Church: Lawful Evil

Ghost of Marshal Jim Dalton (High Plains Drifter): Chaotic Neutral

Since I’ve done AD&D since the 70’s I would love a explanation of how cats are neutral. Chaotic goes without saying, altho I could make a lawfull evil argument for cats.


Schemers are lawful? I guess that explains why drow are lawful.



Call him neutral evil if you’d like, but he’s not lawful.

It’s why they’re “Usually Neutral Evil” - because they are opportunists as well as schemers.

I did call him Neutral Evil. I said "further towards the Lawful end of the spectrum [than Chaotic Evil].

What’s your point? Elan didn’t create and follow a complex strategy. He abandoned it when a better opportunity presented itself. It looks to me exactly like he’s playing it by ear. Why would Grumman think that’s lawful?

On the other hand, the Joker is acting out of a specifically chaotic ideology. He commits crimes not for personal profit or power, but solely to spread chaos and destruction, with the long-term goal of making people recognize that the universe is a cruel and meaningless place. His plans center around destroy existing order and authority, and making sure that there is nothing and no one capable of filling the resultant vacuum. The plans themselves, while meticulously detailed, focus on killing and maiming innocent people, betrayal and murder of allies, and cruelty for cruelty’s sake. While I agree that meticulous planning is a lawful trait, it’s the only lawful trait the Joker possesses. His other traits are overwhelmingly chaotic, enough so that I think his overall alignment buries the needle on Chaotic Evil.

He did, in fact, create and follow a complex strategy. Yes, he abandoned it, but that hardly says anything: A person of any alignment would have given up their previous plans to accept Julio Scoundrel’s help in that situation. You’d have to be a colossal fool (even more of one than Elan) to refuse.

Crop eating bugs: awful weevil

Still wet sidewalk cement: new trail gooed

Adolph Hitler: Chaotic Good.

Since consensus is obviously impossible, let’s just compromise and call him True Neutral.