Let's compile some two word, two syllable commonly used phrases.

The phrase has to be two words of one syllable each, both beginning with the same letter. Using the same word twice is a no-no!

To start:

Big Bang
Good Grief!

Fast food


Lay low.
Black book.
Say so.
Tick tock.

Big boy
Ding dong
Tip top
Toy train
Hip Hop

Bull Shit.

That’s not alliterative, though.

Tough Titties

And that’s too many syllables. :slight_smile:


Dead duck

Bat Boy
ball boy
free fall

My bad. Shoulda read the OP more carefully.

Bill Board

Dammit! :smiley:

I even meant to write “tough tits” and still fucked it up.

Good catch, though.

Sad sack
Hell hole


Done deal
Knick knack

Best boy
Cold cuts
Mad Men
Rat race
Short shrift

hot head
dog day
tall tale / tell tale
work week
blue bell
blue balls / brass balls

nud nick

Loose Lips
Sink Ships