Write a sentence using anagrams that have a different amount of syllables

For dinner we are having lion loin.
I always keep a dairy diary
Jean Louis, rise when your sire is leaving.


Some people are so sensitive that they’ll react to trace amounts of an offending allergen.

Is it me, or do diary / dairy pair not both have 2 syllables?

The orchestra adopted the carthorse.

WhatEVAR. But I dare you to ignor my groin.

ETA: Crap. Nevermind.

I pronounce diary - di-uh-ree

The astronomer was a moon starer

After the election results were announced, the loser exclaimed “Lies, lets recount

Some others

The guy from Serbia had rabies.

The admirer got married.

I got* sadder *as I thought the dreads.

I prounce sire with two syllables and diary with three.

With a nod to Son of Rosemary–I took a somersault right into the roast mules.

“What a lame meal,” Tom said, noshously.

Lame meal?

As in a repast made of fabric? It has the different syllable thing going for it.

Lamé is two syllables… Let’s all be sly, wot?

Did the sheep under the table bleat?

Is the United States coming untied?

Actually, the sound you heard came from the goat in a toga!

Is this a test?

Cindy did a slow striptease behind the tapestries.

The teacher’s aide had a good idea.

Her name may be Amy.

Did she tear up a picture of Arte Johnson?

She offered to streak for money, but there were no takers.

Lord, deliver us from hated, reviled death!

The mega shark was just playing a game with me.

The mean guy without a name said amen after he beat me up.

Please let us have no hatred in this thread.

Did you gore the ogre?