Preparing for Dinner Guests: a rant in haiku

The window of calm
from “Not yet!!!” to “Where are they?!??”:
45 seconds.

Dinner with Kimstu
Did she say 6? 6:30?
Isn’t that next week?

Make potato soup.
Everyone who drags in late
gets some Vichyssoise.

When I call all mine in
We’ll eat for free, without dishes,
For a month

Sentient, haiku verse is 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

SM meant:

When I call all mine
In, we’ll eat for free, without
Dishes—for a month.


Ah, so.

I thought it was just 17 syllables arranged “profoundly”.

SM meant:

Ah, I thought it was
Just 17 syllables
Arranged “profoundly”


Setting steaks on fire
while I ruin potatoes
Care for some dessert?

You’re correct; the most common form in English, though, is 5-7-5.

Before a Mod comes
And moves us to MPSIMS*
Someone should say “Fuck!”

*pronounced “Muh-Piz-Ums”

SkipMagic meant:

Yes, You are correct
But most common in English
It’s 5-7-5


Distracted, briefly
then check the salmon. O Hell!
Cat, you are EVIL

If you show up late
The entree will be all gone
Have some cereal

I suck at haiku
But these threads, how they draw me
Because you all rock

When I cook for friends
My lament often becomes
What kind of pizza?

Dinner at my house
Everyone come, bring a friend
I hope you like dung


Apologies, true
The failure of no Haiku
Leaves me in great shame

Late guests are a pain;
food now cold as an ice floe.
Next time, order out!

Flying to Bangkok
CNN says 91
Degrees-Holy Shit!

OK, I have some problem with theme, I went to a cheap university! :wink:
Flying to Bangkok
Eat Pad Thai until my pants
Burst-MMM-MMM-Good! Braaaap!

See you in a month.