Let's Fly Away-- 1 Day Early! Jan. '13 Chick Tract!

“Let’s Fly Away”
Jan. '13 by Chick

Good grief! Finally the answer for why the Rapture still hasn’t come:

Not enough born-again kidlets are jumping on their beds in specific anticipation of it!!!

See panels/pages 20-B, and 22, counting the front page as page 1.

Also, The Last Generation, with a telling revision from the '70’s version to 1992, is re-released without any revision or change of cover date. (JtC is notorious for leaving off previous version dates. This one may actually have been from the '60’s originally)

I’ve got to get ready for a party. (I hope they have plenty of beds to jump on.) So, care to comment?

Notice: If you see no point in slicing and dicing Chick tracts, then maybe this thread is not for you. Ya’ think?!

Wait, Julie knows who God is but she’s gobsmacked that he had a son? :smack:

Oh, and love the gratuitous Passion-play panel of Jesus being tortured. I really hope too-wide-eyed little Karen didn’t describe it in that much detail.

Wait, so the girl gets raptured in the final panel. Did that happen also to all good Christians everywhere? Well, that’ll solve the unemployment problem!

Bitch got lucky it was that night. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Wot. is. a… J-Jesus?”

So, wait, Julie’s nightgown and underwear went up with her, but her slippers stayed?

I love how everyone who isn’t a wide-eyed, baptized, slain-in-the-spirit Christian all have depraved expressions, and those saved all have wide-eyed, eternally ecstatic, nothing-ever-goes-wrong, “gee-wilakers!” creepy robot faces. Also how all the dialog reads like it’s written from the 1940s.

I find it interesting that the antagonist in the script is going to give his daughter a beating over her religiosity or whatever his motive is, while in real life (at the age of 29) I was assaulted, by evangelicals, in a way that could have killed me, and afterwards and ever since no one thought my assailants should be held accountable because, I’m guessing, in their minds they convicted me of being a ‘liberal’. Or maybe they were angry that they couldn’t explain what made me a liberal, which I guess was a liberal kind of question to ask. Who knows? Attacks shut people up, even if it is because they have to leave to go to the hospital. Fly away indeed.

Does Chick represent anyone’s actual thinking?

Chick tracts are generally based on the premise that nobody, not even somebody raised in God’s own Protestant American culture, has really heard of Jesus until somebody of Chick’s particular Protestant Christian sect (Independent Baptist) explains the matter to them. Oh, and, even then, you have to “come out of them” and renounce the Roman Catholic “Church” (which is the “Roman Catholic Institution,” really), or it’s eternity in the everlasting fire for you!

Actually . . . No, it would hardly make a dent in it. The message would be that there ain’t enough True Bible-BelievingTM Christians in this sinful world to make any economic difference. (Which might, in fact, be the literal truth . . .)

And the really funny thing is that invariably, the new convert mentions it to someone else, and that someone else not only conveniently has heard of Jesus, but actively hates him. In ChickWorld, there are only 3 types of people: 1) the Saved, 2) the (utterly ignorant of Jesus) potential Convert, and 3) (by far the largest group) Satan’s army of people who have heard of him, and hate him.

You would think that group 2 would have heard of the guy from group 3 at least some time in their lives.

Why does it not surprise me that Chick opposes federal regulation of business.

I really don’t understand the point of all that. The regulations caused the bad people to be poor and miserable and lose their jobs and hate Jebus? Is that it? And the good wholesome true real Christians weren’t affected at all?

Yeah. After I went home I recalled that panel. Most portrayals of the Rapture either have people fully clothed, perhaps leaving behind eyeglasses and other accessories, or completely “NEKKID” - except that it isn’t ordinary nakedness because bodies are supposed to be instantly transformed into something quite different in appearance.

This is a new one on me, only footwear left behind. But then, Moses was ordered to remove his shoes as he approached the burning bush. (“Holy ground”) Is it possible that Numero Uno is really, really into bare feet, regardless of gender or age? :wink:

But then, here is an ancient tradition about royalty and removing shoes, so maybe it’s just Jack T. Chick and female feet, though. ISTR other examples over the years.

I really like your subtitle, BTW.

That also had occurred to me, upon a fresh, more careful reading of the entire tract this morning. Sure, massive layoffs, with extreme difficulty for those looking for new work or for first-time employment. And it’s ALL because of those pesky regulations by lib’ruls. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with plutocratic maneuvers, mostly from the other side of the spectrum. Nah.
- The Other White Jack*

Now I know what happens to people with tattoos.

I hate it when guys call women that B word.

You should call women “beautiful” instead.

Bitches love it when you call them beautiful.

She’s not a woman, she’s a little kid, you perv!

Call her a bitch puppy, instead. You can call those “cute” instead of “beautiful”, without looking too pervy, though.

Oh, yeah. From the OP:

OK, I’ll bite. What’s the “telling revision”? Something that indicates a prediction for the date of “The Second [del]Orgasm[/del] [del]Cumming[/del] Coming” which failed to [del]cum[/del] come to pass?

[sub]Gotta admit, JTC is real good at the “Fundy Jesus Porn”[/sub][sup]TM[/sup][sub] version of Jesus’ return.[/sub]

I’ve read a lot of JTC tracts, but somehow The Last Generation escaped me. I wouldn’t even know how to begin to deride the thing since it does it so perfectly all by itself while increasing in lunacy with every panel. Just as I thought, “how can this get anymore laughably ludicrous?” I’d reach a panel with the Nazi kid holding out obnoxiously cute photos of a puppy or kitten with a ball of yarn to sacrifice on Halloween; the pointy, insanely ridiculous outfit of CAPTAIN HEALER!; or the suggestion to use the dad for food after they kill him.

One world government, witches, New Age Naziesque forces, “free drugs”, microchips to increase the pain, the Healers (my personal favorite), child nazis, torture chambers powered by 1950s technology, Christian genocide, hammy characters and a convenient rapture at the end. This one really has it all, slathered all over with WTF.

I’ve been witness a lot of crazy, but this… holy fucking shit.

No accident. Chick was born in 1924; the '40s would have been his formative youth.

BTW, check out this documentary on YouTube – “God’s Cartoonist: The Comic Crusade of Jack Chick.”

God is Tarantino?

Well, DUH! You don’t need shoes in Heaven! But you still need clothes, and only a cad or a Muslim would suggest otherwise. :wink: