Let's Go, Astros!

What if the Cardinals make it instead and lose to the White Sox? How could any team survive the humiliation of being beaten by the Red Sox and White Sox in successive years. . .

I suppose the next step down would be to lose to the Cubs in the NLCS next year.

Now let’s not get completely unrealistic. :slight_smile:

Mr. Rilch was saying the same thing, almost word for word! Said I, “This. Is why. You don’t count down outs.”

I can’t believe the Cardinal rally. I can’t believe I went to bed and missed it. Dang.

I’m very disappointed. One strike away from victory! I hate Poolhouse.

But we’re still up 3-2, and we’ll take them at home. Come on, Oswalt!

While that hurt, hurt me right in the Pujols, I am still slightly confident with Oswalt on the mound tomorrow night. He beat them in St. Louis earlier in the series. But I have a sinking feeling that that was a Bartman moment and now the Astros are gonna collapse.

Is it cruel or did the Astros for some reason decide to make the worst play at he worst possible time?

I’m not a big baseball fan so I could be way wrong, but it seemed to me that you would either walk that guy or at least pitch less than solid stuff to him. What on earth would make you decide to pitch home run hittable balls to the other teams best hitter when you they have 2 on base (enough to take a lead) and you have 2 outs in the 9th?

Seems like even a little league team would have walked him just to get out of the absolute nightmare scenario they were in but the Astros decide to pitch to him. :confused:

I was kind of wondering that myself—even as Pujols was at bat, I wondered if Houston might not be wiser to walk him.

Speaking as a Cardinals fan (who never wants to hear the words “Crawford boxes” again :slight_smile: ), I wouldn’t be too disappointed to see Houston make it to the World Series, because (1) they will have earned it, and (2) I can relax while the Astros face the Sox. But I’m glad the Cardinals won last night, because it means at least one more game in Busch stadium, and because damn! what an incredible, exciting 9th inning comeback!

Just what are the “Crawford boxes”? Every time I hear the term, I’m like, was that something about Bush?

I don’t think you ever walk the lead run. Given this situation, I would have pitched to him.

Definitely can’t walk him, it would put the tying run on second. You have your ace closer on the mound, you have to try and get him out.

The Crawford boxes are so named because Crawford St is on that side of the ballpark.

Yes, it was indeed.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so disappointed after a game. Probably, but just when that was completely escapes me righ now. It was crushing without a doubt. One strike away from the World Series? Just… dang.

But, it’s a pretty resilient bunch there and I’ve every confidence that with Oswalt they’ll come back.

Pujols - that’s one freakin’ bad dude but it wasn’t just him, their whole team is simply top heavy with talent all the way to La Russa. Congrats on a great win… lotta heart!

Mr. Garner, what say we give Wheeler and Qualls a bit more time in 7 thru 9, seeing as how the awesome but not invincible Lidge has struggled in relief for the last 3 games now. When he’s on, there’s no better. But right now he ain’t completely on.

Asterion, the “Crawford boxes” have nothing to do with George but are named so because they abut up next to Crawford street outside the stadium, placement of said street in fact necessitating their very existance. If memory serves, they shorten left to a paltry 315 feet, hence their elevated wall nature. They’re copied from some classic field of old, as is most of Minute Maid Park. The hill in deep center is a tribute to an old Cincinnatti ballfield and other elements of the park are in like fashion paying tribute to some place and time of old.

It’s a big group of seats out in left field at the Houston stadium. If a right hander pulls a home run (or a left-hander hits one the opposite way, like Berkman did last night), the Crawford boxes is where the ball is most likely to end up.

But i know what you mean. I can’t hear the term “Crawford” nowdays without conjuring an image of Bush wielding a chainsaw.

It is also, in my opinion, the most ridiculous feature ever added to a major sporting venue. What the fuck were those morons thinking?

Don’t forget the flagpole at it’s apex. That’s gonna leave a mark.

I just read about the game in today’s paper. That was one hell of a hit!

Astros fans, I’m so, so sorry. hugs to all of you

This Astro fan living and working in the middle of St. Louis is about to go insane from all the ‘momentum’ and ‘destiny’ talk around here. Rubbish! Lidge screwed up by not pouring strikes in on a struggling Edmonds, and Garner then erred by not pitching around Pujols to get to Sanders. I understand the logic of not putting the winning run at second (which would have happened on a walk to Pujols), but Sanders has been struggling since the first game and is hurt. Why let their best hitter beat you? Dumb dumb dumb.

But Oswalt will wrap it up Wednesday anyway, and I’ll finally have a little freaking peace around here.


A walk to Pujols would have put the tying run at second, winning run at first.


Even struggling, the likelihood that Sanders will hit a single is still better than the likelihood that Pujols will hit a double (either of which would tie) and the likelihood Sanders would get any type of extra base hit is still much more likely than the likelihood Pujols would hit a home run (either of which makes it 5-4.)

It was the logical and smart move. Lidge was terrible. He pitched poorly to Eckstein, poorly to Edmonds, and threw a meatball to Pujols. No strategy makes up for bad pitches like that. The right thing to do was to pitch to Poo Holes, but keep it down and away; let him walk if he’s patient enough, sure, but give him a chance to screw himself.