Let's go!

We move tonight.
Who’s with me?

Remember, the cause is more valuable than any one man’s life!

We’ll succeed or we’ll choke their rivers with our blood!!!

Whoever is on the inside first will give the signal!

I’m with ya, kid. Just gimme a call, and I’ll fax you a skid of Moon Pies.

Meet in the mess hall at midnight. Pass it on.

Look, I know a lot of you won’t make it. But just one more frontal assault, and we’ll take that hill!!

Is my clown nose on straight? I don’t want to look like a fool.

All we need to do is kick down the front door and the whole rotten facade will come tumbling down!

Oreos. We can’t do anything without plenty of Oreos.

Can we glut the hold with cups of gold and feed the sea with ghosts?

'Cause I’m all ABOUT that…

Now you’re cooking with gas.

I’ve got the cheese whiz if you’ve got the oreos. Who has the battle monkeys?

Don’t shoot until you see the white streaks of their fingernails!!!

The cheese monkeys shall not perish as we draw breath!

I’ll get a copy of Let’s Go!. Which region?

I’m with if6was9. We’ll succeed, or we won’t!

I’m in. I’ve even written down the times of the gaurd movements.

Lets wait until dusk, then grease up.

Silent, our approach must be!

So you’re saying I shouldn’t bring my accordian?

I’ll donate my Oreo to the cause. She’s a Black Lab mix. She’ll totally screw up your silent approach, though. How many more do you think you’ll need?