Let's have a special welcome for # 54,000!

Just now we’re at 53,963. It’s coming, it’s inevitable, who’s going to be lucky #54,000???

Awaken the goat.

#54,000 is a special occasion. Go wake up the golden goat.

:: there is a commotion at the entry grid, as staffers wearing black (with the letters “SDMB” in yellow on their shirts and caps) usher an applicant aside ::

:: they enter another room, where the new applicant is led to a beautifully-set table resplendent with fine silveware, dishes, and convivial companions ::

:: conversation sparkles ::

:: someone steps to a microphone and calls for silence, and the room quiets ::


In honour of your joining us as member # 54000, we have a special banguet and party favours in your honour.

We’ll also take you through the FAQs and give you some tips on the board’s etiquette.

:: an SDMB staffer sets a tastefully-bound tome next to the applicant’s place ::

Well, I’m probably not #54,000 but hopefully will help get to it if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

D’oh I read that as 53,993 instead of 53,963. Oh well still 1 more member closer to 54 grand.

The member counter on the front page is behind. We already have member #54,000, and it’s this feller (note the number in the URL).

Grats to that feller then (it won’t let me view the link, says I don’t have permission to access the page) whoever it may be. And I see I am actually #54147.

Welcome anyway, dbussman and globalhawk2002!

Umm…that guy…? :dubious:

YAY for nice round numbers! :: throws confetti ::

Gentlemen, our new tobacco lobbyist is That Guy!
[Happy instrumental music]
SINGERS: "Diamonds, daisies, snowflakes, That Guy
"Chestnuts, rainbows, springtime
"is That Guy
"He’s tinsel on a tree
"He’s everything that every guy should be
"Sable, popcorn, white wine, That Guy
"Sable, popcorn, white wine, That Guy
"Gingham, bluebirds, Broadway
"is That Guy
"He’s mine alone, but luckily for you
"if you find a guy to love
"only one guy to love then he’ll be That Guy, too
“That Guy!”

From the Family Guy episode entitled Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington.


Strongbad: Oh, the globalhawk2002! That is way better than the globalhawkDX!

Why? How?
Also, some SDMB Nostalgia.