Let's help Dean Kamen decide on a new project..

Dean Kamen, who is unveiling “Ginger” or “IT” next week, will need a new project.

What would you want him to work on? Some futuristic but practical item that has socially redeeming value - helping society in general or a large, specific group of people (ie, the handicapped). This is the kind of stuff he seems to work on. He obviously has the ability and the funds to draw together a strong team of experts.

I would vote for a small, portable exo-skeleton - one of those devices that multiplies the strength of a person (makes them able to lift 20 times their weight or run for an extended time at 40mph, something like that).

Of course, maybe that’s what Ginger is! Got any ideas?

Where’d you hear that?



Also see: http://www.theitquestion.com

I would like to see him invent a toaster that works in seconds. I want my toasted bagel now!!

When was the last time anyone quit working on something when the prototype was unveiled? I thought only various unnamed software companies did that.

That’s for the minions. The big idea person needs a new project. You think Bill Gates is working on XP? Tchah! (And I mean that tchah to sting!) :slight_smile:

And quit nitpicking and tell us about your idea for a new project. :slight_smile:

Or even better-let’s vote on whether this thread will be moved to MPSIMS or IMHO! (Of course, the first moderator to drop by gets 1,000,000 votes …)

I don’t get it. Why post that?

It’s a straightforward question. What are your ideas for a new Dean Kamen project?

I don’t see it as being anyone’s humble opinion. It would be an idea they have that they would want implemented. I don’t see it as being any more mundane or pointless than most questions on here. The man works on fairly serious, complex technologies, and from what I’ve seen, very humanitarian.

Are you a troll?

This is not a General Question. It’s more in the way of a survery, and surveys belong in IMHO. Perhaps the lesson will sink in better if I allow you the fun of reposting in the appropriate forum, even though this will deprive me of the delight of moving it.

No, he isn’t.

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