Lets hope that FIFA gets its just rewards and the Final is a farce

So far we have one goal to the French diving team and one real goal to Italy.

And it looks like, except for the penalty kick finale, that’s all you got, too.

Zidane’s crazy headbutt was pretty farcical, especially after the build-up to the game had a whole montage of his balletic skill on the pitch. :wally

The whole competition has become a farce. Football is ruined by diving cheats. They should be treated like any other cheats - instant match bans and fines.

This World Cup was nearly as unwatchable as Serie A.

I wasn’t paying attention, gave up after it was one all at full time. Fracking penalty shoot out. Again.

So how many games in the tournament were decided on penalties, either during the game or in a shoot out? Anyone keep count?

FIFA reviews flagrant fouls after the fact but AFAIK does not review for flagrant dives. A few multi match bans would probably decrease the likelihood of the worst diving. Or they should just create a new award, the Felini Best Acting in a dive award.

Too many, Small Clanger. IMNSHO, they need to do something to increase scoring chances, and after one overtime, go to Sudden Death. Penalty kicks suck.

Looking at my now complete World Cup Wallchart, the following games were decided by penalty shootout:

Ukraine v Switzerland (Round of 16)
Germany v Argentina (Quarter final)
Portugal v England (Quarter final)
Italy v France (Final)

This represents 4 out of 16 knockout games.
In group fixtures, penalties converted during the game were:

Dindane and Kalou for Ivory Coast in their 3-2 victory over Serbia & Montenegro.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal’s 2-0 win over Iran.

Simao for Portugal in a 2-1 win over Mexico.

Appiah for Ghana in a 2-0 win against the US.

Moore for Australia in their 2-2 draw with Croatia.

Villa for Spain in their 4-0 rout of Ukraine.

Torres for Spain in their 3-1 defeat of Tunisia.

Shevchenko for Ukraine in a 1-0 win over Tunisia.
In knockout games, penalties converted during the game were:

Totti for Italy in a 1-0 defeat of Australia (Round of 16).

Villa for Spain in a 1-2 defeat by France (Round of 16).

Zidane for France in their 1-0 defeat of Portugal (Semi-final.

Zidane for France in the 1-1 draw with France (Final).

'Twas a 2-1 win over the US - correcting because that adds it to the “decided by a penalty” category that you were attempting to count up :slight_smile:

Chez G, Well done that man! Did you see enough of those matches to say what proportion of the penalties were awarded fairly and how many were dives?

I’m justly corrected by Kiros and promise to pay more attention to the entries on my 2010 World Cup wallchart.

Small Clanger, penalty awards are often a matter of opinion. Even experienced footballers will disagree about them. I think some referees would not have given a penalty for Italy against Australia, and France’s against Italy was suspect in my opinion. However I also consider France should have been awarded a penalty later in the game.