Let's make a list of programs that don't work that will be eliminated under Obama!

I would like to start it, but I don’t have item one. Anybody?

Well, let’s start answering this loaded question by identifying programs that don’t work.

The we can talk about whether they need to be eliminated, or merely revamped.

Do people agree that the TSA is an example?

I’m willing to out of frustration with the screening process at airports, but I don’t know why I should agree that TSA doesn’t work.

I mean, we haven’t had another 9/11, right?

Hopefully Bush’s useless arms-for-souls deal with the forces of Hell will be canceled.

Just treating the loaded question with the seriousness it deserves

Yes. It’s an onerous trainwreck that could be improved and in the process should be cut way the hell down.

I’m sure farm subsidies and probably a lot of other subsidies could be reduced.

This isn’t “a program that doesn’t work” exactly, but I don’t think the Pentagon budget needs to be $600 billion or whatever it currently is. Of course politically, it’s near impossible to cut.

Then you haven’t been listening. For starters:

Withdraw combat troops from Iraq:

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Subsidies to oil industry, and to the private student loan industry:

The Joint Strike Fighter Program and the Future Combat systems are two programs that may have cuts in their budget, but not eliminated. From here.

He’s also spoken about ending the no bid contract program, the missile space defense program, and many of the programs that came with the prior administration’s granting of free reign to Pentagon spending.

From here


That will certainly save some money, if we can keep lying politicians from pork-barreling.


Except that Iraq has been a success.

Good example, and it may save money by opening up the labor force to more applicants, but I would hardly call it a “program”. More a stupid rule.

Let me know when that takes effect. As for the part about the oil industry welfare, bully for him, but does that include Ethanol? I doubt it. If anything, Obama is going to pour MORE money into the “alternative” energy industry. As far as student loans, he will most likely be transferring those monies into less efficient publicly run programs.

So, basically, on all your points, a big FAIL.

Sure it has. It’s been very expensive regardless.

Has he even proposed cutting it? Another 9/11 was an impossibility as of 9/12. I flew across country two weeks after 9/11. The pilot came on the PA as we were pushing back: “Welcome aboard! Everybody take a look and shake hands with the person next to you, and we will have a nice flight.”

The rest has been a sham to make us feel like serfs in our own country.


Assuming you are not being sarcastic, it may well be worth the price. But don’t let the Bush hate cloud your viewpoint.

I was being sarcastic because the war was unnecessary and moronic in every respect, and then there’s the careless and idiotic way it was conducted.

But yeah, those criticisms shouldn’t count. They’re just “Bush hate.” I should’ve been more balanced and pointed out the good things, like the fact that Rumsfeld had nice hair while planning the war.

Even if you assume the Iraq War can be a success, which I don’t believe - I find the idea akin to saying a traffic accident is a “Success” because the body shop managed to knock most of the dents - the war cannot be a success UNTIL troops are pulled out. Until they are, it’s a failure, and would be a failure if they remained.

Beyond that, tell you what; let’s wait a little more than two months to gauge his success.

At what ? It was a war of aggression that cost us huge amounts of moral and political capital ( not to mention plain old money ), killed a lot of innocent Iraqis, and replaced an impotent dictator with a population of people who hate our guts. And that’s just a few of the things wrong with it.

So now you are moving the goalposts? Perhaps your lame OP should have had better definitions. You don’t get to change them now. FAIL

Well, I certainly hope so. FAIL

“Most likely” So now you are a mind reader? And how can a for profit lender possibly provide scholarships and grants cheaper than the government? You seem to be proceeding from the mistaken assumption that government is always less efficient than private enterprise. This is just more hot air from Libertopia.

All of your criticism of Obama seems to be based on imagined failures you anticipate in the future, not on policies that are demonstrably failed already. It is obvious you began with a conclusion (Obama: Bad!!) and are vainly searching for examples to support that conclusion, and are now reduced to blaming him for things that haven’t happened yet. This is completely different from the criticism from liberals towards Bush, which was based on things he actually did, not things we imagined he might do some day.


Do you understand why people don’t take you or your “debates” seriously?

Now, now ! That’s just the Bush Hate clouding your viewpoint !

How about the war on drugs? Especially the war against marijuana?

And I wonder how those inner city poverty relief programs are doing. Many of them were blamed, in the past for creating more and more teenage mothers on welfare.