Let's make a record of boars slowdowns. Reason contained in post

Apparently there is some debate as to whether board slowdowns are due to something on the users’ ends, or something on the end of the board’s server.

I propose that everyone make a post here whenever they experience a sudden, temporary slowdown or stoppage on this board. Just put down the time it happened, and your time zone.

If people are all having slowdowns at the same time, then the problem is with the server. Otherwise, otherwise.

I just had one a couple of minutes ago–the boards wouldn’t load for about two minutes. This was at 6PM PST.


The boars around here are pretty quick and are easily able to outrun a man.

FWIW, the boards here stopped at the same time (I was able to post at 9PM EDT after about 5 minutes of various incarnations of “failure to respond”).

We don’t have many boars here, though. Deer, yup. Boars, not so much :slight_smile:

Interestingly, my reply above posted even though I got a message that "This Web page could not be opened with the specified browser request. Please try again later. "

[/twilight zone]

Yup. I’ve been having problems since I came here about a half hour ago, 5:45ish Pacific time. I’ve been timed out a couple of times and somehow, mysteriously, got logged out too. That’s a new one on me. For what it’s worth, I have dial-up so I’ve come to know the difference between slow and slow. This is definitely slow.

No boars around here. But there’s a squirrel. She was resting one my outside storage shelf until a few minutes ago so she was beyond *slow *but she picked up a little speed now that she’s in peanut-hunting mode.

Saddle of Wild Boar is really quite chewy, even when roasted slowly.

I had a ragout of Wild Boar served over pasta which was quite tasty!

You should try this recipe for wild board sometimes:

4 wild boar loin steaks
75mls gin
orange, rowan jelly
juniper berries
salt & pepper
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Delicious. We eat lots of pork but not much wild boar proper. I have wabted to start a thread about it as well.

Serious question: How do they get enough wild boars for mass food consumption if they are truly wild? Are there any populations in the U.S.? Can they farm them?

What can I substitute for the gin?

And what’s rowan jelly?

Does one marinade the loin steaks in the oil, jelly and berries? Or what? Grill, roast, dutch oven?

I need direction, man! :smiley:

I have heard that feral pigs have reverted to their atavistic “boar” state in places like Texas, and have become a real problem for people. They are being hunted frequently, and the meat marketed, but it hasn’t put a dent in the population, yet.

It seems to me to be a matter of traffic density on the internet AND

  1. The time of arrival at work and computer start up. :frowning:
  2. Coffee time.
  3. SDMB time.
  4. Just before lunch.
  5. Just back from lunch.
  6. Water cooler time.
  7. SDMB time.
  8. Getting ready for rush hour.
  9. After supper.
  10. Shut down and go to bed time and everything speed up. :slight_smile:

My father was hunting in West Texas once and two Javelinas chased him up a tree and stayed around until lead poisoning occurred. He just so happened to bring one home and just drop it in chest freezer whole. About a day later, I went to get something out of it a met something unexpected. Javelinas are nasty things though. I would hope that true wild boars would be more presentable.

That wild boar recipe is very European and that makes it seem exotic but some of the ingredients are hard to find. My wife is specialty food importer and distributor so I can get most this. Rowan jelly is made with an English berry called the rowan and it is sour and sweet. You don’t need the gin (actually, I don’t either). It already has juniper berries.

I just had a few minutes of trouble getting the boards to load before I posted a reply in ATMB about a minute ago. This was somewhere between 10:50 and 10:55 P.M. central time.

Board timed out at 10:54 pm central.

I once got cornered by two boars, well, actually it was a pair of jevelina. I was camping at the time, and for the first time in my life, was happy to legally unload my rifle at something, and get away with it.

The boars? I hit both of them, but they scampered off. I was pulling the trigger so fast, I don’t remember exactly where I hit them. But with 15 round apiece, does it really matter?

I’m sure the coyotes could smell the blood for miles. I didn’t, 'cause I packed up and left immmediately.

I would think if the boars slowed down, they’d quit scaring the hamsters. But the ways of Mother Nature are strange …


This thread is rather a boar.

Errrrr… I mean… Just kidding! :smiley:

The boars timed out on me twice at about 12:05 Eastern time. Now it’s back to being quick.

Speaking of boaring … errr pointless/meaningless posts …

Oh well. (That’s deep isn’t it?)

Sometimes its the individula post or forum that seems to be responsible. Who cares?

Carry on. Log slooow downs to your heart’s content or whatever turns you crank!

I was unable to load up a thread at 9:42PM last night. (July 16)