Lets Make an Around The World Dinner

I was bored last night and thought of a fun game to play for everyone here. Make a three course meal: appetizer, entree, dessert, and a drink, but everything on your meal has to originate from a different country around the globe, and you cannot use the same country twice.

This means that if you wanted your entree to be a good ole american cheeseburger, then your drink cant be a Coke because both come from America. Want escargot? No
potato chips or wine for you!

What’s everybody eating? Make sure to put the country of origin for each piece of food (so that we all know). I’ll post mine a bit later. Have fun!

Escargot for the appetizer (France)
Wagyu Ribeye for the entree (Japan)
Tres Leches Cake for dessert (Latin America - I’m not starting a fight here.)
Absinthe for the drink (Switzerland)

Potato chips come from America. Saratoga Springs, purportedly.

Roasted baby artichokes with garlic mayo as made by the Atlantis Casino in Reno.
Cassoulet d’Isigney from France - one of my long term comfort foods. Something about the mix of slow cooked white beans, garlicy sausage, beef, lamb and duck that is very scrumptious.
Wine, probably a nice white pinot grigio, no specific brand I would have to see what looks good when going shopping.
Daifukumochi for dessert. I have a thing for red bean paste mochi.

A blooming onion - apparantly they were created in New Orleans.

Pizza - Italy

Cheesecake - Greece (I di not know that but that’s what wiki says.)

Guiness - Ireland

Samosa - India
Moussaka – Greece
Hot fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream – US
Champagne - France

You can get Wagyu beef anywhere. It is Kobe* beef that would make it Japanese.

*I know that Kobe beef uses Wagyu cattle but the Kobe difference is in the way the cows are treated during their lives.

Starter: Potato Börek (Turkey)
Main: Ostrich Steak in a port and berry sauce. (South Africa)
Dessert: Coffee jelly (Japan)
Drink: A good Burgundy (France)

Sorry dude but it’s lunch for me, I can’t stomach a three-course dinner…

Allow me to be lazy; I’m staying close by thinking of Stuff My Relatives Wouldn’t Make A Fuss About:
First, spaguetti bolognese. Italian.
Second, trout navarrese style (fried with a slice of overly salty serrano inside - no more salt should be added). Spanish.
Dessert, beignets. French. Just don’t let anybody call them buñuelos.
And let’s have the bottled water be from Andorra and the wines be Portuguese: a northern red for the spaghetti and a white from the south for the trout.

A couple of sauerkraut pierogies with sour cream to start (Polish)
Fresh caught wild Alaskan salmon since it’s in season right now for entree. (sides of fingerling potatoes and asparagus - origin debatable for both, I think, they’re just sides because entrees need a little something to compliment them on the plate)
Spanish flan for dessert, and a nice German Riesling to accompany the meal.

Now I’m hungry.