Lets Miscast the movie "The Bible"!

Imagine a movie made from the old and new testaments…

How badly could it be “mis-cast?”

Steven Segal as “Jesus” (Arnold “I’ll be Back!” Sharzeneger?)

Pee wee herman as Moses?

John Belushi as John of Patmos?
Open to all actors, living or dead…

I vote for Ed Wood as "Director/Producer, too…

your thoughts?

Have fun with this


Marilyn Manson as Jesus.

Yul Brynner (or Telly Savalas) as Esau*

[sub]*Genesis 27:11[/sub]

Jennifer Tilly as Mary
Horatio Sanz as GOD

Jack Black as Satan

Ted Danson as Paul

Paris Hilton as Mary

Britanny as WHICH Mary? Seems she could be miscast in both parts… (grin)

Pee Wee Herman as God.

Or maybe Richard Simmons.

Madonna as Eve…

Adam Sandler/Jerry Lewis (From the Deam Martin/Jerry Lewis Years) as Adam…

Will Ferril as Ezikiel

Bobcat Goldthwaite as Jesus.
Ray Romano as Pilate.
Joe Pesci as Judas.
Queen Latifa as Mary.
Paris Hilton as Mary Magdalene.
Mel Gibson as Peter.
Keith Richards as John.

Meg Ryan as “Salome”!

Keanu Reeves as “John the Baptist”!

And Gilbert Gottfried as “Herod”!

And Marilyn Monore as Mary Magedelene.

The perfect couple.

Meh. Didn’t Mel Brooks do this already?

And I jumped in this thread just to say: Paris Hilton as anybody!

Jack Nicholson as the Archangel Michael.

Let’s make it Richard Simmons as God and Pee Wee Herman as Satan.

Kathy Griffon as Mary (mother of Jesus)
John Wayne as Joseph

and then, completely different…

Samuel L. Jackson as Jesus.

Roy Brocksmith as Moses.

Keanu Reeves as Jesus: “Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.”

Harvey Keitel has to play Noah so he can get drunk and naked in his tent.

Bette Davis plays a chain smoking Mary riding into Bethlehem on a donkey (Eddie Murphey) led by Keanu Reeves as Joseph. Wait, Reeves is perfect for that role. Best to miscast the wooden, dull Joseph with Jim Carey.

Baby Jesus played by Emmanuel Lewis. Twelve year old Jesus played by the creepy pre-teen Macaulay Culkin. And Jesus all growed up played by the even more creepy Chris Walken.

John Cleese as God…

Hmm. perhaps that is NOT mis casting…


Dunno, thinking about Pee Wee sitting on the Infernal Throne does strike me as good eternal torment.

God should be played by Andy Dick.

Moses should be played by Mel Gibson.