Let's Move Father's Day

This past Father’s Day, the wife and kids took over all chores so that I could have a day off to do whatever I wanted. Great! So, I am yakking with the other fathers in the neighborhood who have been granted similar leaves from duty for the day by their families. In this discussion, it was determined that:

None of us really care for golf, tennis, or NASCAR. Watching those events on TV does not appeal to us.

I am the only one who goes fishing, and even I don’t watch that sport on TV.

We all love football and baseball, especially the World Series.

Because we have such active families, we never get the chance to watch those sports in their entirity in the fall.

We decided that Father’s Day should be moved to the third Sunday in October when we could spend the day watching fooball and a game in the World Series and not feel guilty about it!

Anyone else out there agree with this? Should all fathers get up a petition to Hallmark to have the day officialy moved?

DAMN! That is one *Great * idea!

Count me in!

Hell, no. Some of us are fans of baseball teams whose stadium employees depend on their October vacation (Go Royals!).

Better to make it the last Sunday of September. You’ve got your football, you’ve got an exciting pennant race for those whose favorite teams are in it, and you’ve at least got a baseball game for those of us whose favorite teams are out of it.

I do like your idea in theory, you’re just setting it a tad too late.

Good point! The end of September does give a greater variety of baseball teams to watch. Being an Orioles fan, I know about the “October vacations”! And the pennant races usually are more exciting than the World Series games.

A long as you don’t move it to March or April, it’s fine by me.

You could always move it to the first Sunday in September to bring it in line with Australia and NZ. :smiley:

I support the move. It always galled me that elementary teachers made sure that all the kids made little gifts for Mothers Day but since Fathers Day falls after school is dismissed, dear old dad doesn’t get any school artwork. I’d rather have a child made sculpture than some silly tie.

I support this plan as well, although I’m not really sold on the date.

Tell you what I’ll do, in the interests of science or something. I will take the next 52 Sundays off, just sit around in my underwear, drinking beer, eating pizza, channel surfing and watching whatever sport is on TV at the time. I will take copius notes and at the end of the experiment, if I can haul my fat ass from the couch to the computer and not collapse from coronary artery disease on the way, I will post back with which of the 52 Sundays was most fulfilling.


Given that:
(1) I live in the US;
(2) My kids live in Australia;
(3) They did not realise that it was Fathers Day here, even when I spoke to them on the phone;
I support this idea. (Of course, my birthday fell last week too, and they all seemed to forget that too, so it still might not work)