Let's play some TEXAS FOLD EM! -- Beta Test

I recently had the idea to start a Poker game on SD. Hopefully, if all goes right, this will be a proof of concept for the game. I intend for it to be a full, and working game.

I believe the game can work, I just need to run it through first to see how to improve it.

Hence, this is a Beta Test.

It Is also my first time ever acting as Moderator for a game here. ((Wish Me Luck))

We will be playing Texas Fold Em. Yes, that is FOLD em.

**I have Pre-dealt the cards, and to make it easier on myself, I have put the cards into a spreadsheet. I used a standard 52 deck, No Wild Cards or Jokers. The Deck was shuffled multiple times, and I also shuffled. I burned cards for the Board. **

The rules are real simple:

  1. The game is based on Texas Hold Em. Therefore, basic knowlege of Texas Hold Em is a prerequisite.

  2. I will send all players a Private Message with 5 pairs of pocket cards.

**At no time can you rearrange your pocket cards. [Once a card has been paired to another pocket card, it can not change.] **

All of the cards “dealt” to you are active in the game. With one exception.

Here is where Texas Fold Em gets it’s name:

3.Before the Flop, Turn, River, and Showdown, you MUST fold one of your pocket hands.

4.You will be left with a remaining pocket hand. That hand will then compared to other players’ remaining pocket hands. Using Texas Hold Em rules, and Regular Poker Rankings.

I am looking for Four (4) Players to sign up to play.

[ If you do the Math, you will find that this is the Maximum number we can have. ]

I have a few Ideas I might throw in to hopefully balance out the fact that no one can read Tells.

I will ask for input before I test them out. If the game decides against it, I will not act on the ideas. -These Ideas would reveal cards no longer in play.

For example the Nth player’s folded hand is revealed to all AFTER the Nth folding round.

I would reveal the Burned Cards.
Who Wants In?

I’m in!

So I get five hands. I fold one preflop, one on the flop, one on the turn, then play my best of the two remaining hands on the river?

Well that didn’t take long at all.

The thought occurs to me. Do you guys think we should have a Forbidden Thread for this game?

That’s pretty much it.

You fold one of the two hands, and the left over hand, therefore is the one you play in the showdown.

It’s two sides of the same coin on how you look at that, but, yes, as you have it.

Cool…kind of a multi-handed Pineapple game. Now for some other players.


My OP should stated that I shuffled and** CUT **the deck.

Yes. Exactly. But, with 4 times as much kicking yourself over “Why Did I fold THAT!?”. :slight_smile:

What does this mean?

Also, this is intended to be played over the course of a few days, correct? If so, I’m in! Poker that requires no money? I’m game. :wink:

  1. A Forbidden Thread comes from the games of Mafia. I will open a second thread, that will basically be the same as the Pocket Cameras for the “at home audience”. This will allow non players to know what EVERYONE is holding.

Obviously, players will be forbidden to view that thread, on their honor. Hence the name.
I expect the game to be complete in a week. Hopefully we can start Monday, and have the game finished by Friday / Saturday. **

We can work out a time best for all, but I am looking at Midnight Eastern (US) to be the deadline to fold a pocket card, and to turn over the Flop, Turn, River, etc.

**Current List:


Yes, I see.

I can’t say I trust people that much, so I can’t really encourage such a thread. Though I’ll play anyways should a Forbidden Thread be made. :slight_smile:

See this is why I stated it is a Beta Test.

I haven’t done it yet, and I am looking for input.

Just an Idea I hade.

Cyberhwk, what do you think to a forbidden thread for this game?

Then again, I could throw the entire hand matrix in here AFTER the game, and we could have after game discussion with it, at that point.

I’d be more for the second option. Not that I don’t trust anybody, but if someone WERE To peek they’d have a pretty huge advantage knowing THIRTY EIGHT CARDS that were in the muck (their remaining two pairs of hole cards + 4 on the board + 30 mucked cards by the river). :eek:

I guess we poker people just aren’t the trusting type. :wink:

I like this. Game discussion is good.

Along a similar vein, another rule: Anybody using an online poker calculator to choose their hand is a bad person. :wink:

I will play!

OK. That’s three.

Welcome aboard. I just got to my computer this morning. Give me one second

**Current List:


Point made.

I can hold my own in a most poker games. It would seem as if you guys could probably hand me my hindquarters.

I have a few more ideas, but yeah, I’m gonna run them by you guys at this point.