Let's remake it!

So, based on this I’ve got a killer (heh) idea for a remake:

Take a bit of “Her”, add a splash of “Rear Window”, stamp it “Based on Real World Events ™” and you’d get

A killer asks his electronic assistant for help for a murder and by mistake (design?) someone else gets the answers as well… amateur detectivage ensues

Anyhow… how would you flesh the story out? Or, if you’d like, do you have similar ideas on how to remake classics for this electronic age?

Your story also owes a lot to The Conversation.

I didn’t know about the movie, but yeah, it seems my version would be a modernization of it.

How about a story of a man who murders his roommate and hides the body under the basement floor that they were renovating. He slowly goes insane as all his electronic devices start swapping over to his roommate’s settings. As the story progresses, we find out that it wasn’t the roommate that died but the murderer, and the roommate stole his identity. Kind of Fight Club meets The Tell tale Heart meets Shallow Grave.

–Edgar Allen Poe (with an assist from CalMeacham)

I highly recommend you check out The Conversation on Netflix or the next time it’s on TCM or some other cable channel. It’s an underrated gem that frequently gets overlooked among Coppola’s films because he made it in between the first two Godfather movies. Also, unless you’ve seen it already, there’s it’s spiritual successor, Enemy of the State, which features Will Smith and Gene Hackman for all due purposes playing the same character he did in The Conversation but with a different name.