Let's screw with the Google ads in this thread

As far as I can tell, this wouldn’t be a verboten topic, would it?

Anyway, I’m gonna see what kind of discordant and utterly irrelevent Google ads my post content will generate at the bottom of this thread.

I felt my pulse Quicken as I realized I browsed Wiktionary and came across a vocabulary example that stated that “a bus cum greenhouse would be a (probably old) bus that has been converted to a greenhouse”. I felt quite gay as I sucked on my hot black coffee, but then realized how Taxing it would be to work on my Turbo prop plane later in the day.

Huh. That wasn’t what I expected at all.

Actually, I think it is against the rules.

But I do find this somewhat amusing, considering the innuendos:

Well, of course there’s only one answer–The Aristocrats!

If it is against the rules, pls feel free to lock this with my apologies. I was bored.

Or maybe not. I did see that it’s against the rules to encourage people to click on them in order to get Google not to pay.


Most of the entendre effort in the OPs post was wasted since Google doesn’t carry advertising for salacious products or sites.

Now pasting that same paragraph into Google’s search engine might come up with some doozies.

Finally, we do know that if Google can’t identify a relevant theme in the thread of postings it’ll simply render up the next 3 ads in its roataion of thousands (millions?). And so each of us will see a different random (& boringly generic) reaction.

Creatonist Jesus enjoys incest with several Republican mass murderers.

Uh. I am getting airplane stuff. I saw no mention of airplanes anywhere in this thread.

Yes, Google, I need airplane financing. Then I will need aircraft tools, and a maintenance team to help with the upkeep of my new plane.

Crazy coincidence.


Koxinga’s sentence refers to a “turbo prop plane”. Airplane-related ads seem reasonable enough to me.

I don’t think so. I do think it’s pretty mundane and pointless.

Moved from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Ah, I missed that.

But now I can undo my circumcision damage.
I never really paid attention to those ads before. They can be quite fun.

Gee, just the other day I was reading a thread on high school issues and a Google ad for a “foreskin tugger” appeared.

Well, this is more fun than a minor surgical procedure.
But I’d rather hace a nice machiatto.

Mainly plane ads for me too.

I understand that a mod has suggested this is tedious nonsense but not against the rules. Actually, I’m not sure it is nonsense. Many people would like to know how to manipulate Google ads. Not so sure that Google would approve, though.

Now I come to think about it, I imagine this scenario - suppose I make a post designed to get Google ads I might be interested in.

Example: my hobby is MS Flight Sim (I am not a real pilot, nor do I play one on TV etc). But suppose I made posts designed to elicit Google ads I might actually click on? I could say “Flight sim charts downloads aircraft airports scenery” and so on. If I did it right I might end up with links I’d be more likely to click. Would that behaviour be a breach of any rules - Google’s or these forums?

I wonder what would happen if we all posted about bedwetting?

You’d get “Cosmetology Schools–Teach Sunless Tanning Offer your students greater skills www.infinitysun.com”.

I used to hang on the old Bad Astronomy board, and when Phil Plait instituted Google ads, we all made deliberate efforts to sway the ads.

Nothing worked.
Take my word for this.

And finally Phil told us to knock it off and stick to astronomy, so we did.

Yeah, PaulParkhead, but you could just search google then. It would be a fun (frustrating) game, though.

(Let’s teach (??) sunless tanning at Cosmetology School!)

ETA: oh, I am not the only one who noticed this idiot ad.

I clicked on it. It’s a spray-on sunless tanning system, so you have to be taught to use it properly.

Exciting. Where do I sign?