Let's take it to a million posts!

At last count there are 802465 posts in the SDMB. We can’t properly be called the teeming millions! Starting at this thread let’s post enough to take it to a million. Post any nonsense thing you want on here just to get it to our goal. Any general chatter will do.

So basically what you’re suggesting is a post-padding party for the good of all rather than the individual?

Sounds good to me. Never let it be said that I shirked my fellow doper…

Exactly. I’m doing it for the good of all the SDMB members.

Isn’t this thread simply a microcosm (sorry, had to use that word) of the whole MPSIMS board?

Oh well, just roughly 197,000 more posts to go.

That’s why I’m using the MPSIMS board.

Ok, I’m game. Just as long as we don’t have to be absolutely brilliant in every single post. That would be too hard, and well, [in the immortal words of Seuss] it’s fun to have fun.

sounds like a worthy cause to me… 'sides, i’d like to boost my post count without having to say anything too intelligent and worthwhile :smiley:

Neeble neeble neeble neeble neeble.

Matt, that was simply childish. That said…

Woosle Wasle


How many more to go?

Sounds good to me too…INDEED my friends.

Never hurts to help. Is this charity a tax write-off?

Otherwise I’d never post anything that could be counted as padding my own personal post count…never. You all know that.

Well, I did a little figuring, and found that at our current average rate of about 40,000 posts per month, it will take us until April at least to make a million. I suspect, though, that the post-per-month rate has risen since the inception of the bard in its current format. (In other words, since it moved here from AOL). So, we should easily make a million before this board’s 2 year anniversary in early March…

But I wonder if we can do it by years’ end?

This is by far the stupidest idea I’ve heard today. Maybe even this week!

I refuse to take part in it.

Pad, pad, pad.

Ain’t nothing but a post-padder,
Padding all the time.

Ahhh, we’ve hit a cool mil a half dozen times already. They just cut down the number when clearing out threads.

BFD, I’ll still help.


I am SHOCKED that anyone would try to pad their posts and the posts to MPSIMS like that.

Really, I’m shocked