Let's talk FF Baseball team names

What names are you all going with for your FF Baseball teams?

Right now my team is the Vatican Assassin Warlords. I know that Charlie Sheen jokes will be stale soon, possibly even by Opening Day, so I have my ears open for new names. At least I posted a cool picture of Charlie from Major League.

Last year I had several names, closing out the season with a reference to Tyler Colvin’s mishap with a splintered bat, “Tyler Colvin? Not A Vampire!”

What does FF stand for?

I’ll assume you just mean Fantasy, and I’ll tell you that I’ve gone with the name Project Mayhem for about 10 years.

Sorry- I should have written just FBB, for Fantasy Baseball.

My son leans toward Scared Hitless. I like Balking Tall myself.

I am using Ass to McLouth this year. It was a close heat between that and Heyward Jablowme.

I’ve used Gotham Knights in the past, with this logo:


ETA: that’s not my team, just another with the same logo - might even be the original source of it…

Heywood Jablowme is much easier to understand, so I’d go with him. He always sounded like the Atlanta Braves centerfielder for some reason.

or Oliver Klothezov, the Russian