Lets talk satellite radio, remote control frequencies and

i recently got my hands on a sirius satellite radio which is very cool.
My buddy who gave it to me didn’t’ have the remote. bummer.
Now, this brought back an age-old question I had asked as to whether it would be possible to somehow train a universal remote based on the fact that you do not know the frequencies… sort of a brute-force attack.
I don’t want to sound lazy,here but if anyone has owned a unit, its basically like operating a blackberry and frankly, I’d rather have the remote as it’s something I’m used using in a car, once memorized (for me)

And did I mention, not hearing holiday songs when i don’t want to is the best christmas present EVER!

Strange how Sirius offers every kind of accessory you could imagine for their radios but does not offer replacement remotes. I looked all over their website and couldn’t find any.

However, the first Google hit for “Sirius replacement remote” gave me this, which may suit you depending on which model you have: