Letter R not showing on forum pages

I just noticed this happening this morning. In the “last post by” column, any Rs are showing up as blank “can’t find this character” squares. The letter R in “search this forum” on each page isn’t showing up either, but the Rs in hyperlinks like “Mark this forum read” and “Straight Dope Home Page” are OK.

It’s happening in Internet Explorer as well as Opera.

The hamburglar been in by any chance?

Can’t see anything wrong, Tansu. IE6.

Seems OK now. Must have been just me. Sorry for posting a redundant thread.

The p oblem is not showing up fo me eithe . Pe haps you need a new p esc iption for you eyewea .

That Noodles, what a ca d.

Pirates took all the "r"s cuz they go:

“Arrr, Me matey!”

“It is an R, R, greater thing that I do than I have ever done.”

dr[sup]3[/sup]…RDRR…Har De Har har. Get it, Bart?

Who is this A nold Winkel ied cha acte anyway? Do we have a new Administrato ?

I don’t know what all of you could be talking about. I’m positive that the SDMB is functioning okay now. How could anyone be in doubt of that? I don’t mean to be impolite, but I think it’s kind of silly. Yes, two days ago that new icon was causing the SDMB to load slowly. But now that it’s gone, the effects have vanished with it, and the SDMB is loading okay now. In fact, the loading time actually seems to be a bit less than a few days ago.

Don’t be blue, be happy. The SDMB is as fast as always.


(Psst… only people whose name doesn’t have a bunch of that specific glyph in it can make that joke.)

What new icon? I don’t see anything…


Oh you missed all the fun, Flammy. Seems vBulletin has a nifty feature that can put a bullet on the envelope icons next to threads in which you’ve posted. They turned this on for a day, but unfortunately, it caused extreme server lag, so they turned it off again.

The R icon was removed because it was defective. R 2.0 has many new features over the previous model. Soon all the letters will be upgraded!

Thanks for the explanation, Q.E.D. Definitely hope I wasn’t getting whooshed there, if you know what I mean. :slight_smile:

Extreme server lag? Not a good thing.


Hey! L 2.0 just came out.

I love the new features, but the interface isn’t as good as the original. Maybe they’ll send out a patch we can download.