Letters to Santa

Yesterday my sister had her two kids sit down and write a letter to Santa, listing what they wanted most. My nephew had the usual stuff for a five-year-old boy (race cars, Scooby Doo, toy gun), as did my niece…for the most part.

What was listed among the requests for beads, jewelry, princess stuff and a stickerbook?


That’s right, folks…my five-year-old niece wants Santa to bring her a ham for Christmas. (She’s not underfed or anything…girl just really likes ham.)

What funny things have you or your kids requested for Christmas?

i once asked Santa to bring back the twins my mom got rid of.

(I have twin brothers who are 6 years older - they convinced me that my older brother and I were born with twins as well, but my mom and dad got rid of them.)

One year, in late fall, my oldest daughter was. . .maybe three(?) and was in my room while I was getting dressed. She happened to observe that I had hair in places she didn’t. She asked what it was, and I answered “It’s pubic hair, honey; you won’t get it until you’re a little older”, to which she replied “I could ask Santa to bring me some for Christmas!” :eek::smiley:

Yesterday my daughter told her teacher she wants lollipops. Pink and Purple. I’ve no idea where that came from . . . she actively dislikes candy.

MOM!!! how could you do that??? :o
LMAO it was funny though:)

Heh. When I got married, my husband was stationed in Spain, and occasionally had to go on temporary duty to other bases. These assignments were usually at least a month long, and often longer. So, when he did, I’d get myself one of those canned hams and eat that all the time he was away. He’s fond of ham, but not in love with it like I am. Nowadays he has to travel for work, or he will go off hunting, and that means it’s time for me to pig out on ham again. I’ve also made myself a traditional New England boiled dinner and eaten that for several days in a row…Bill doesn’t care for corned beef, but I love it.

I was afraid you might find this! But it was just too funny not to pass along! :wink:

Too bad we can’t send SDMB threads to Facebook Fails.

Why on Earth would any kid be stupid enough to write to Santa

I always go directly to Macy’s and hand him my letter in person. :slight_smile:

Just to get this straight- ThreadPirateRoberts is Norinew’s kid?

Yep, she’s my oldest.

I never wrote a letter to Santa, but a family friend of our’s used to call my cousins and I and pretend to be Santa and ask us what we wanted. One year, I had heard that cats were color blind, and I thought that meant that Fluff, my cat, could only see in black and white, and I didn’t think that was fair. So I told “Santa” that I wanted Fluffy not to be color-blind any more.