Lewis Black-Red, White, and Screwed

Another grand performance. The previous one was about as perfect a standup routine as you get, and this one was right on par.


Bueller? Bueller?


I missed parts of the beginning and the end, but some of the stuff was very good. I’d probably have to see it again to remember which bits I really liked. Overall I’d say it was pretty good, but pretty good for Lewis Black can be more fun than most other people.

Hit and miss, but no one can keep up “hits” for an hour, and he did pretty well: his “hits” were very funny (to me, anyway) and his “misses” weren’t agonizing.

Aren’t his parents adorable?

I liked the stuff on evolution and the Bible. The story about his parents was funny.

It’s not like I don’t like Lewis Black or agree with the points he’s trying to make, but I just don’t think he can sustain his act for that long.

Lewis Black has the same problem as Stephen Colbert. Both are masters at the two minute report. Black’s short minute rendition of the 2004 elections cracked me up, as did Colbert’s speech at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner. Both of these guys can compress the issues and their comments into this limited time span with wonderful results.

Give Lewis an hour to do the same thing, though, and he falls flat. He just can’t sustain the audience that long. Neither can Colbert. I caught the The Colbert Report when he was interviewing Christiane Amanpour, and he was just trying way to hard to be funny, interrupting her, and making an unfunny ass out of himself. It’s just not where their talents lie.

Jon Stewart can sustain the audience, perhaps because he has an extensive background in standup comedy, where the whole point is keeping the audience entertained for a longer period of time. I’m not sure if Black has the same experience, but it seems to me that either he didn’t or he did, but he wasn’t very good at it.

IMHO, of course. YMMV.

Black was doing standup long before the Daily Show, I’m sure of that. I agree that half an hour is about the maximum for him- not because he can’t make that many good jokes, but because it’s hard to sustain his kind of rage for that long. I do like Colbert’s show a lot - unlike Black and the rest of the Daily Show crew, he has a fully developed persona and he’s actually an actor - although I agree that the Amanpour interview wasn’t very good.

I saw it last night on the Western feed at 1am. I really enjoyed it. His whole recap of the Cheney incident had me laughing hard and did his recounting of Bush not attending the 2005 White House Correspondents Dinner because the Pope died.
I really enjoyed it. He is my favorite current stand-up and had me laughing more than the last Carlin special who is my all-time favorite comic.


This was absolutely great. Wall-to-wall hilarious.

The bracketing of the White House Correspondents dinner being bracketed by his parents talking him into it and then at the end:

their getting hugged by Paul Wolfowitz

was superb.

It was in fact too short.

another “meh”.

Some funny, some not so funny.

One thing I did like was when he slammed the Democrats for nominating Kerry. “This is the best you could come up with?” At the time, I thought the same thing. In fact, I think the same thing almost every 4 years on both sides. I think he compared it to choosing between two buckets of shit.

The one thing I don’t like about these things is the audience at these coorespondence things are overwhelmingly democrat, so the humor becomes a pseudo-political rally. I hate when people clap at a “joke” that just slams someone that the crowd doesn’t particularly like.

Overall, I like Lewis Black. But the audience ruined it for me. And for the record, if it was a GOP convention and he slammed Hillary and Bill for an hour, I’d feel the same way.

I don’t mind his shots at Bush and Cheney et. al., but they play better when they are in front of a more neutral/average/mixed audience.

It wasn’t a Correspondence Dinner. It was just a regular concert.

kurahee, did you have to put the comments about Black comparing Bush and Kerry to two bowls of shit in the paragraph right before you said it turned into a pseudo-political rally? Those thoughts are hard to have at the same time.

I would have liked it more if it felt like he wasn’t lecturing to me. An hour full of “That <insert politician>… FUCK” isn’t funny. I liked him better when he talked about pancakes.

It was an hour show, so obviously there were ebbs and flows, but I see your point.

Like I said, I enjoy him for the most part. I think the points he makes are often valid and thought provoking. Maybe it was just TOO much politics. For instance, I agree that gay marriage is not something the President (of any party) should be worried about. But it was one issue after another. Perhaps I just got tired of the bashing. I never thought him a one-trick-pony. Angry, yes, but about a number of topics.

My mistake then. I’m not sure why I thought it was. It was at the Kennedy Center in DC, correct? Perhaps it was just the venue. DC is very liberal, so his Republican bashing jokes carried to his immediate audience. I think that, plus his bit about speaking with the President beside him made me think it was an official-type humor bit. But in retrospect, they usually don’t let comedians go on for an hour at those things. He just spent **so ** much time on politics, I thought there was a reason.
Sorry for the misrepresentation. Thanks for clearing that up.