LGBTQ rights going forward?

I know there are dozens of thread about what happens next, and LGBTQ rights aren’t on the top of most peoples list, but with Trump in the WH & the R’s in control of both houses of Congress, I can’t help but be concern.

What, if anything, could be reversed or repeal?:confused::frowning:

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Nothing until the supreme court gets seated with its newest member.

At that point, pretty much all civil rights fought for over the last 60 years are fair game.

I don’t think that’s true, only because they’ll be replacing Scalia.

If one of the five who formed the Obergefell majority resigns or dies, though…:eek:

Trump is not overtly, (nor, as far as I know, covertly), anti LGBTQ. He played a bit of that for the Evangelicals whom he hoped to woo for votes, but I do not recall him actually making a serious issue of overturning any current court decisions or legislation.

Actually that’s one of the problems he has with Muslim immigrants is that sharia law is anti-lgbtq

I should add, I remain optimistic that it’s too late to somehow undo Obergefell. What are they going to do, un-marry people? And with public sentiment having shifted so drastically on the issue, I don’t think there’s the political will for it. But many other issues around LGBTQ rights are still up in the air.

He doesn’t have to do anything himself. He just has to let his “advisors” pick out the next couple of supreme court justices, and there you go. He may not be personally hostile to LGBTQ people, but I doubt that he actually cares enough about them to do anything to ensure their rights, either.

I don’t expect Trump to personally pursue an anti-LGBTQ agenda (although I’m a lot less sure of that than I would be with Clinton). But he’s promised to appoint conservative Justices. Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Anthony Kennedy are both in their 80’s. [Edited to add: and Stephen Breyer is 78] If one dies and is replaced with another Scalia, it’s bad news the next time an LGBTQ-rights case makes it to the Supreme Court.

And that is different from “religious freedom” laws that are anti-LGBTQ how?


And why do you believe that part of what he said?

There will be a lot of calls for a constitutional amendment outlawing homosexuality. Those calls may well be answered; Trump may not care personally, but he does need allies in order to accomplish all his revenge and personal-enrichment schemes. Congress will cooperate because they’ll be getting what they want, and the states will be happy to ratify.

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I don’t think Trump cares one way or the other about the LGBT community, other than whether or not they can make him money.

But Pence on the other hand, hates them. And Pence will be effectively in charge of domestic affairs, including nominating people who will make sure his agenda is followed.

Trump will be busy attending TV shows and rallies. Look to Pence for where policy is going to go.

Though SSM and certain federal benefits questions were addressed by the Obergefell and Windsor cases Kennedy did a great disservice to the LGBT community by failing to address some basic issues normally addressed in discrimination cases.

To quote myself from this post in this old thread:

Going forward, expect that this failure to clearly state LGBT is a protected class subject to strict scrutiny will be picked apart.

Wanna place a wager on this? Say $100.

If so, I am game though we need to ensure there are clear rules.


The short version is it doesn’t look good, Pence has driven home that they’ll work to undo any protections they can, starting with Obama’s executive order protecting trans students.

Also, very recently trans people were finally able to relatively easily update their social security and passport gender marker and name with only a letter from their doctor. It’s not perfect and requires some obnoxious documentation redundancy, but it’s overall pretty simple. This could easily and quickly be made worse than it was, or even impossible, under a Trump/Pence presidency. We’re talking about a veep who actually believes you can electroshock the gay out of people.

I’ve had two of my transgender friends express concern and one put on suicide watch. The gains of the LGBT movement have been almost exclusively in the judicial and executive branches. That’s all going away.

I think for LGB, its not going backwards. Just like after Johnson enacted Civil Rights, he was succeeded by 8 years of Republicans, 4 years of Carter, and 12 more years of Republicans. Blacks’ place in the nation, both socially and economically, continued to improve. There are states where gay rights are popular that voted Trump but went Obama twice.

I do think that the drop-the-T movement will gain steam; there’s more division than people think over it. Trump’s victory may mean its OK to express dissent about transgenderism without being labeled as evil.

You can disagree with someone’s right to be trans without being evil. There are ways. You just can’t do that without being a bigot, 'cause that’s kind the definition.

Congress couldn’t even give Bush his marriage amendment a decade ago.

I think people underestimate the capacity of a society to backslide on social equality issues (look at a list of black senators or governors), but support for an amendment banning homosexuality is not going to be there any time soon.