Liberal MP ..... Bitch here

My member of parliament, Jacques Saada, will be returning my call tomorrow.

I’m pissed about a lot of things. Jacques Saada (MP) is not only the father of an elementary school friend who introduced me to Judaism, a religion to which I converted in my twenties. Jacques Saada is also my now deceased father’s nemesis. Things got real dirty when Jacques and my father, Ernie Lamoureux, were butting heads for school commissioner position. He is also the man who I voted for in the last election. I feel I have no choice but to vote Liberal, in Quebec.

Well now I’m not so happy about the way the country is being led.

~ I’m not happy about Adrienne Clarkson
~ I’m not happy about the armed forces camps closing
~ I know I’m not supposed to be happy about some scandal that has happened and Paul Martin is shitting bricks. To be honest, I don’t understand what happened (if you care to explain, ty for doing so)
~ I’m pissed off about a lot more, but I’ll spare you the details…

The Honourable Jacques Saada, or as I call him ~ Jacques~ will be calling me in the morning. I’ll ask him how Jessica is doing. And how is Jeremy. And what about Jordana. And his wife Nicole is well?

And then I hit him with all of my ammunitionk which I’m lacking. And he’ll say to himself, “Oy, this is Ernie’s daughter for sure.” Just to make sure I don’t miss a thing, remind me of everything I should be bitching to the liberal party about.


Didn’t I just see this in the BBQ Pit? without ‘moved…’ before it?