Life imitates art in Iraq, or vice versa

Damn filtered media!

LOCKHART: You still here? Vanish, Joker, most ricky-tick…

Of course, you’d prefer the truth:


So…when is this guy going to be busted down to Private and how long will he be in Leavenworth? I hear Kansas is right nice this time of year.

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I think I get the cynic’s point of the thread, but ya gots ta be careful about what becomes public knowledge in ANY military operation. So what if we learned that the US Military wants to spin the story one way or the other? Think this sort of thing hasn’t happened before in our own Homeland media? Sure, we got free press written into our very charter for existence as a country, but EVERY newspaper has an editor that spins & selects stories to suit an agenda of some kind–even if only to fit the newspaper’s ‘personality.’

Why should ANYONE be relocated to KS–unless we’re talking about a security leak potential. In which case: yes, get the flap jaw away from the action!

Still, to the OP: Didja think “Full Metal Jacket” was ALL fiction?

Nope, hence the ‘vice versa’ part of the title - art imitated life, yadda yadda. I don’t necessarily consider this a heinous and damning admission on the part of the military’s PR department, since as you say, every newspaper does this to a certain extent. Rather, the quote from FMJ popped into my mind the moment I read the article, and it amused me.

Yes. Much was amusing about FMJ, because too much of it was ridiculously true–I’m gonna miss Stan the director man. The FUNNIEST part, though, was that Basic Training is sort of a weird cross between FMJ & Stripes.

Seeing the parallels made it hard to not smirk most of the time.