Life imitates The Far Side

You’ve probably heard of the remote uncontactedish tribeson islands off India that don’t take kindly to strangers around there. Well, an American preacher got it in his little head that he wanted to bring them to Jesus, so he had some fishermen smuggle him on to one of the islands. The fishermen have been arrested, but the missionary’s body hasn’t been recovered. Now, he probably didn’t actually spend his final moments sitting in a huge cast-iron pot wearing a pith helment, but that is how I like to imagine it.

And here I was visualizing a roomful of scientists mulling over cow tools. But yeah, thanks for that.

Here is a much longer article. (And no, I didn’t see the Pit thread about this before posting this one.)

Jesus may be able to save you from some obscure hazard, but he does not seem to be able to save you from your own folly.

God working in mysterious ways again.

Earlier thread here.

My wife is pretty sharp, but no matter how big the sign on the door, this is her, every single time:

God works in ways so mysterious as to resemble not working at all.

^ Sorta like this?

I thought I had seen every Farside cartoon, but that was a new one! Thanks!

^ I know, right? I have all the books and have read them all until my eyes bleed and I still find ones during a Google search that I haven’t seen. Life is good!